The Case Results

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Case Results in context:

While most clients want to look at the results of a case in a vacuum, it’s impossible to understand the success of a resolution or the failure of a resolution unless you place the results in context.

What context are we talking about with regard to case results? Well, understand that there can two Driving With Suspended License, both in front of the same judge, and both in front of the same prosecutor and we assume that both cases should be treated similarly.

Well what if we heard that one of the cases was from an individual who has had 10 previous Driving with Suspended Licenses and the person appeared intoxicated while they were driving? Whereas, the other person has no previous history and it was a simple misunderstanding because of a mix up in paperwork at the DMV. Clearly these cases look the same at first glance but are quite different when you look into each case more specifically. Therefore, when you consider a result it’s important to understand the full story, and not just the charge.

What else changes the outcome?

Two truly comparable cases will be cases with similar fact patterns, the same charges, the same criminal history, the same judge, the same prosecutor, the same county, and within the same period of time. When any of those variables change, then so does the analysis of whether the resolution is a good resolution or a bad resolution.

For example, there are many counties in Florida where the State Attorneys Office will often refuse to waive any minimum-mandatory prison sentence regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, a trafficking case in that county will likely have a different “good resolution” than a case in a county who regularly waives the minimum-mandatory prison sentences on trafficking cases.

Hiring a lawyer who has been around. Because each case can have wildly different results depending on the county, the judge, and the state attorney it’s important for the lawyer you hire to have experience in THAT COUNTY, with THAT JUDGE, and with THAT STATE. If you don’t, then the lawyer is going in blindfolded. Knowing what is truly a good sentence is requires experience. That’s why it’s important to be careful who you hire.

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