The State Attorneys Case Against You

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Many times I have a client tell me that the State Attorneys Case Against them is weak because the State Attorney is offering a “sweet deal.” Therefore, by the client’s logic trial is clearly the best option. However, this simply is not the case. In reality a good offer can mean a number of things. For example, a good offer can mean the State Attorney is lazy and doesn’t feel like trying the case. A good offer can mean the victims don’t want to relive the experience and would rather be done with it. A good offer can mean the State Attorney is overworked and doesn’t want to spend a week preparing for this trial when they could preparing for other more important cases (at least in their eyes).

Plea deal

In it’s most basic essence a plea offer is an offer made to save the state attorney and the court the energy from having to spend large amounts of money going through a trial. It’s a compromise. It’s saying “you save us time and energy and we’ll cut you a bargain on the punishment you have to do.” In some instances an incredible offer may actually mean that the State Attorneys Case against you is weak. However, this is an incredibly risky thing to immediately go to because most of the time you will be sorely mistaken.

When your life is on the line, listen to your lawyer. Ask them whether there actually is a case against you. Ask them what the strength of the State Attorneys case really is. If you’ve hired a good lawyer who’s been around long enough then you’ll know exactly where you stand. You hired a lawyer so you could take their advice, not ignore it.