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Traffic Laws in Orlando

Ask DUI Lawyers about Traffic Laws in Orlando. They will tell you that they can be complicated, difficult, and nuanced. For example, there are specific Traffic Laws that require a specific number of offenses within a specified period of time in order to trigger driver-license suspensions. Many DUI Lawyers consider Traffic Law practice so in-depth that they focus a large portion of their practice just to that. Consider some DUI Traffic Laws (click here), such as refusal to submit to a breath test. In order for a refusal to submit to a breath test to be considered a crime you must have once previously refused to submit to a breath test. Also, did you know that if you are driving a self-propelled vehicle that has a motor on it such as a motorized bicycle, and it has less than 50ccs, that it is not considered a motor vehicle? Ask DUI Lawyers what is considered a motor vehicle for a more specific description of what you can drive.

Another important thing to remember is that when you are dealing with Traffic Laws, you are not always dealing with a minor criminal act. If you are Driving with a Suspended License you can end up doing up to a year in jail. In some instances you can even end up doing prison for driving with a suspended license. It’s important to take your criminal traffic-law violations seriously as they could impact your life in a significant way. The second you are charged with a Traffic Laws Offense it is important to call an experienced Traffic Laws Lawyer, DUI lawyers, Criminal Lawyers, who can fight for your rights, keep you out of jail, and keep you on the road.

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