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When officer activates their lights and sirens, the traffic stop has begun…What does this mean?

    • You are being temporarily detained (Whether you are being rightfully or wrongfully stopped).
    • You must stop your vehicle
    • If you are the driver of the vehicle, you are no longer free to leave and drive away
    • You can be charged with a felony for driving away after an officer activates their lights and sirens to pull you over

Now what do I do?

    1. Pull your vehicle over into a well lit area within 3 blocks of the officer activating his lights and sirens
    2. Come to a complete stop
    3. Once you come to a complete stop and the officer approaches your vehicle to conduct the traffic stop, make sure you:
      • Do not attempt to get out of your vehicle
      • Do not make any sudden or threatening movements
      • Turn all interior lights on
      • Roll down all windows of your vehicle (dark tint especially)
      • Put both hands on your steering wheel in plain view
      • Wait patiently until the officer approaches your vehicle
    4. Be polite to the officer, let the officer lead the conversation, and do not be argumentative
    5. Remember the traffic stop is not the time to argue your case….you will have your day in court where experienced criminal lawyers can fight your case for you
Here is what can happen when a traffic stop goes wrong

When in doubt, call the Smith & Eulo Law Firm, who are experienced in dealing with criminal traffic stop issues and can help you fight your case to achieve the best possible result.