Situated in Universal Orlando, Within the Islands of Adventure theme park is the magical world of Harry Potter Hogsmeade. Universal cut no corners to bring this fictional world to our reality. As you walk in, you’re Dropped to the town of Hogsmeade. You will find stores, restaurants, street vendors and yes Hogwarts Castle. The magic comes in Hogwarts to life. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in Islands of Adventure is a ride not to be missed! – Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey – Anyone familiar with the film know that there’s insane detail to bring the world of Harry Potter into life.

Universal spared no expense in the development of the experience. From the second you walk throughout the primary entry, your trip into Hogwarts starts. Be prepared, this ride queue was developed to hold a good deal of people. When the attraction initially opened, wait times stretched to more than 7 hours. Almost all these individuals were still inside the Hogsmeade area. The advantage to the queue isn’t a detail has been modulated. Animated news articles, characters and animated scenes in preferences inside the castle are brought to life for you. The Ride – The ride, for several reasons can’t be featured in images, but we may say, this is unlike anything else you have ever been on before.

Our first time, we got off in utter amazement. You’re loaded into benches where a shoulder restraint lowers procuring you in the seat. This journey is not a roller coaster, but a continuous motion down and up and twisting ride. There are accelerations or decelerations. The motion is smooth, but those with sensitivity to motion illness should cautiously consider riding. The Forbidden Journey comes with a blend of moving through movie simulation and live sets with scenes from the film. You will visit a lot of the secondary adversaries, like spiders, dragons and dementors. You will experience action at a Quidditch match and by the time it’s all said and done, a return into Hogwarts can be just thing you need. The Universal Creative Team did such an amazing job with the journey.

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