What to do after a Car Accident in Orlando

What to do after a Car Accident in Orlando

What to do after a Car Accident in Orlando?

After an auto accident, we know that you need to contact a car accident lawyer in Orlando to help advise you of all of your rights. Remember, after a car accident in Florida, your actions will directly impact future claims. Here are some pointers for what to do after a car accident in Orlando, Florida:

  • Find a safe place for your vehicle.
  • Call the Police and/or Medical Personnel.
  • Take Pictures of all vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Take Pictures of any injuries directly visible that resulted because of the accident itself.
  • Wait for police to arrive to establish liability. Although Florida is a no-fault state, the liability of the car accident impacts potential recovery.
  • After your car accident, make sure to exchange information with other drivers
  • Collect names/addresses of witnesses who observed the accident and your injuries.
  • File a claim with your insurance company: you do not have to talk to their insurance company.
  • Contact a car crash lawyer immediately.
  • Make sure to follow up with doctors following the accident.
  • Think before you speak. Often times an injured person doesn’t even realize the full extent of their injuries until after the adrenaline of the accident wears off. Make sure you wait for medical staff to evaluate you and you wait for the adrenaline of the incident to wear off before speaking about the extent of your injuries. A good car crash lawyer will help guide you through who you should talk to and when you should be talking to them, if at all.
  • Hire an experienced professional to guide you through the process after your car Accident in Orlando, Fl.

Car Accidents Cause Questions

If you have any specific questions and need detailed step-by-step instructions, you should give us a call. We will walk you through the steps to follow after your car accident in Orlando, Florida. When you are injured because of a car crash, make sure to consult with the professionals.

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