A current example of a bribery white-collar crime would be the varsity blues case. A couple of celebrities have been accused of allegedly giving universities “donations” so their children can be admitted into the school. The donations would persuade the school to accept the kids even though they didn’t fully meet requirements or wouldn’t have been accepted if they applied on their own.

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White Collar Crime Attorney in Florida

What are some of the top Corporate crimes committed by individuals

Throughout the years we have seen many examples of corporate crimes come to light. Examples of corporate crimes can be insider trading, accounting fraud, and fraudulent trading. One of the most memorable company downfalls for corporate crimes would be the fall of Enron. Enron was a company that met its downfall in 2007 after being outed in 2001. The company was an energy trading company that was found guilty of accounting fraud. They were altering their accounting books to make it look like they were making less than they actually were.

What are 15 examples of white-collar crimes in Florida

A white-collar crime means that someone or multiple people have been deceived for financial gain. Examples of white-collar crimes are Fraud, Embezzlement, Money laundering, Credit card fraud, Identity theft, Insurance fraud, Medicaid fraud, Welfare fraud, Tax evasion, Investment schemes, Counterfeiting, Computer fraud, Insider trading, Blackmail, and Bribery. Money Laundering, Fraud and embezzlement are some of the very well-known examples of white-collar crimes. A popular example of money laundering, the origins of the term money laundering comes from Al Capone. He was affiliated with the Italian mafia and he used laundromats to be his excuse for his income. He would put in his records that the laundromats were receiving a huge income when in reality, the majority of the income was from prostitution and bootleg liquor sales.

What should I know about economic crime?

An economic crime, also known as financial crimes, is a crime committed for a financial advantage. Examples of economic crimes are money laundering, tax evasions, and bribery. An economic crime can be committed by an individual, group, business or government. These can be placed in the category of white-collar crimes and have serious consequences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

White-Collar crime is a criminal crime and will be investigated by the FBI. It is one of the biggest offenses you can commit and can cause anyone involved to be penalized. Most white-collar crimes are felonies but may be charged as misdemeanors if there were no victims or a small amount of money was collected.

Majority of white-collar crimes will be seen as felonies and could have consequences like a fine and a long prison sentence. White-Collar crime can be seen as a misdemeanor if the crime collected a small amount of money or it was a victimless crime. Some individuals who are charged with a white-collar crime can get their penalties lessened by offering information to find other involved parties or any information that can benefit the FBI in their investigation. Penalties for a white-collar crime can include prison/ jail time, probation, fines, restitution, and community service. In the United States, the longest prison sentence for a white-collar crime was for Sholam Weiss and he was sentenced to more than 800 years in prison for racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering. He was also asked to pay $125 million in restitution and more than $120 million in fines.

The FBI is in charge of investigating fraud cases. Fraud fits into the category of a white-collar crime so the FBI would be the ones to run the whole investigation. Majority of the fraud cases handled by the FBI are targeted to auditors, investors, and analysts with the intent to deceive them.

Street crime is a crime that is committed in a public place, these can be violent or non-violent. Examples of a street crime could be vandalism, assault, selling drugs and robbery. White-collar crimes are nonviolent crimes that are done by a group, like a business or government, that a committed for financial gain. An example of this would be a business creating a charity for clients to donate money to but in reality, they were pocketing the money.

Looking for a white-collar crimes attorney in Florida?

A white-collar crime is a non-violent crime that is committed with the intent of getting financial gain. According to the FBI “, these crimes are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust.” These crimes are committed by professionals and can have thousands of victims affected. They should be taken seriously, and the FBI works to stop these schemes from happening or preventing them from affecting a lot of people. They can go under the radar for years and can be hidden through businesses or charitable donations but in the end, they always come to light.

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