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Wills in Florida: Estate Planning Lawyers

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  • What is a will? A will is a simple document that details how you want your possessions to be distributed after you are gone. It details who gets what and how much. It can be as specific or as general as you want.
  • Why is a will important? A will is an important item for any estate planner because it makes sure that your assets are distributed exactly how you want them to be. In other words, it makes sure that your money isn’t distributed to your uncle’s child despite never having met the person in your life. Without a will your will goes to probate and is distributed according to statutory code, not according to your wishes.
  • Friends can be part of a will: Would you rather give your resources to a close friend who was always there for you, rather than an estranged relative who you never spoke to in your life? Without a will, your friend will be left in the cold. It’s important to memorialize your wishes, as accidents in life are not predictable. Unfortunate things happen every day.
  • Wills can be quite Affordable: Wills can be quite affordable. In fact some wills can be done for as low as $250 depending on how detailed your will is going to be. Don’t let a small sum of money get in the way of protecting those you care the most about.
  • Wills can be made Quickly: Wills can be done quickly. Often times, all you will need to do is stop by for a 15 minute conversation with your lawyer. The next day you stop by to have your will signed and notarized and you’re all set. It is often not a time-consuming or difficult process. Having a will set up for you should be simple and painless.

In Sum, it’s important to protect your resources after you are gone. Without a will, your life’s work can be left in the hands of someone you don’t even like. Act now to protect your loved one’s future and the future of those you hold close. Call an Estate Planning Lawyer at the Smith & Eulo Law Firm. 407-930-8912

Wills in Florida: Estate Planning Lawyers

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