By Alexis Sykes

This month Rydell Omar Green was arrested in Clay County for selling narcotics that included fentanyl and crack cocaine.  Reports indicate that police used a confidential informant to conduct the sting operation.  In investigations like this, police will often equip the informant with a recording device, or they will monitor the drug exchange from nearby.  This is how police build stronger cases against suspects accused of selling narcotics.  Mr. Green and others who are similarly situated may sometimes use the defense of entrapment to argue that they were set up to commit a crime.  However, this defense will be unlikely to prevail if there is evidence that the suspect was already involved in the sale of narcotics on prior occasions.

Clay county man arrested for drug charges

The sale of narcotics can also be mitigated if the seller is suffering from a drug addiction and amenable to treatment, in Mr. Green’s case this could be viable, since he was indeed found in possession of drug paraphernalia.  People suffering from drug addiction need treatment to reduce recidivism.  This is why it is important to seek legal advice from a criminal defense attorney who can determine whether there are any viable defenses for you or whether there are treatment options available to help someone who is selling narcotics due to an addiction.

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