Violation of Probation: Commonly Asked Questions

One of the possible penalties after being convicted of a crime is probation. This basically means being supervised by a “probation officer” and having to stick to certain rules and restrictions to be able to stay out of serving time behind bars. Violating probation is something you would want to avoid at all costs, Criminal Defense Attorney Caleb Robison answers some of the most commonly asked questions regarding “violation of probation”.

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Is a violation of probation a felony or misdemeanor?

Whether a violation of probation a felony or misdemeanor it depends on the initial charge. If you are in probation for a misdemeanor then the violation of probation will be a misdemeanor, if you are in probation for a felony, then the violation of probation will be a felony.

Can you bail out of jail on a probation violation?

So initially you cannot bail out of jail on a violation of probation unless the judge who signed the warrant for your violation agreed to set a bond. The problem with a violation of probation is that you are not automatically entitled to a bond. That’s why it is important to have an attorney on your case to file a bond motion to make sure a bond could be set in your case.

What are examples of violation of probation?

There are two broad categories of violation of probation:

Technical violation: That could be anything like failing to meet with your probation officer, missing a class, missing a payment

New Law Violation: Is if you would be arrested on a new charge

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