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Federal and state laws prohibit the sale, distribution, possession, and manufacture of controlled substances, also referred to as “drugs”.  If you are accused of any drug-related offense in Miami, Florida you are potentially subject to serious penalties if found guilty.  The consequences you may face vary greatly depending on the circumstances of your case.  These circumstances include the evidence against you and the quality of your legal representation.  Every kind of drug charge needs to be taken seriously, a high-quality legal defense is essential to protecting your rights against a wrongful conviction or helping you negotiate the best possible result in the event of a conviction.

If you or a loved one has been accused of a drug crime in Miami Florida do not hesitate to contact us at Smith and Eulo Law Firm for a high-quality, experienced, defense of your innocence.

Drug charges lawyer in Miami FL

Common Drug Crimes in Miami

There is an array of specific drug-related offenses set out in the Florida statutes, here are some of the most common types of drug crimes we see in Miami:

  • Drug possession: The most common drug crime in most jurisdictions, this charge results from authorities believing you possessed drugs for your own personal use.  Can also apply if it is thought you had control over drugs in a house, car, locker, bag, etc.  This charge can involve any controlled substance ranging from marijuana to cocaine, as well as prescription drugs or anything else that falls under the list of controlled substances as expressed by state and federal law.
  • Drug Distribution: This charge, which is commonly referred to as drug trafficking, results from you being accused of selling drugs or even giving them to another person. Even if there is no evidence of actual distribution of the drugs, you can be charged with the possession of drugs with the intent to distribute if the drugs are packaged in a certain way or if there are other indicators that they were meant to be sold.
  • Drug Manufacture: This charge refers to the manufacturing or cultivation of illegal substances. The actions that typically result in this charge are growing marijuana or operating a lab to manufacture methamphetamine, cocaine, or any other controlled substance.

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Miami Florida

There is an array of potential different outcomes if you are found guilty of drug crimes in Florida.  Some circumstances that can determine the penalties you face are the quantity and type of drugs or several aggravating factors such as the crime occurring in a school zone or involving minors.  However, in most cases, drug convictions can result in the following:

  • Prison sentence
  • Fines
  • Probation or Parole
  • A Felony Conviction on Your Record

How we can defend you

Fortunately for you or your loved one who has been charged with drug crimes in Miami, we have a variety of strategies we can use to help defend your rights from a wrongful conviction.  For these strategies to be effectively implemented, it is essential for you to retain the highest quality attorneys.  Contact us today to speak with extremely skilled and highly experienced legal professionals who can help you navigate your drug case in Miami.  Some possible defense strategies for your drug case are:

  • You were not aware of the presence of drugs or that they were unlawful
  • You had a prescription for the drugs you are being charged with
  • The drugs were found because of an unlawful traffic stop or an unlawful search of you or your property
  • The forensic lab made an error when processing drug samples
  • You did not intend to distribute said drugs
  • There is not enough evidence for the prosecution to convict you

Presenting these defenses is just one of many ways a skilled defense lawyer will help you fight your case.

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