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College Park is a medium-sized community in Orlando with a population just over 11,000. Most residents here are white, and the working population mostly makes a living in education, health, retail, finance, insurance and office positions. 

College Park is a relatively safe community, too. While the overall crime rate is higher than the national average, the area is safer than over half of Florida cities. Still, Smith & Eulo Law Firm stands ready to support anyone who is accused of a crime, with criminal defense attorneys in College Park available to support your case. 

Smith & Eulo Criminal Defense in College Park

College Park residents get to enjoy a mostly calm environment in which to live and work. The overall crime rate is criminal defense lawyers in college parkjust one in 31, so the risk of becoming a crime victim is a low 3%. But particular crime categories do vary. Property crime clocks in closely, with residents carrying a one in 34 chance of becoming victims. On the other hand, violent crime in College Park is actually lower than the national average, with just a one in 297 risk (0.34%) to residents.

Smith & Eulo Law Firm knows that no crime is acceptable near your home, but we also know that suspected offenders deserve experienced legal defense. Our criminal defense attorneys in College Park successfully represent cases involving crimes like:

  • Robbery – Robbery is a felony offense that involves the act of intentionally taking someone’s property without permission. It’s punishable by five years to life in prison based on level of force and if weapons are used.
  • Vehicle Theft – Vehicle theft involves stealing another person’s vehicle to deprive them of it. As a grand theft crime, it’s a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.
  • Resisting Arrest – If you’re arrested, resisting an officer creates further problems. Resisting arrest happens when an offender willfully resists, obstructs or opposes an officer who is attempting to arrest them, with or without force. Without force, resisting arrest is a misdemeanor offense, while hitting or otherwise using force against the officers raises the charge to a felony.

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