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Wekiva Springs (or “Wekiwa”) is a large community of about 24,000 happy Floridians. While it’s not very racially diverse (over 90% of the population is white), Wekiva Springs is home to several different types of people nonetheless. For instance, workers in the area make their living in fields ranging from social work and education to professional office positions. 

Taking its name from the nearby Wekiwa River, Wekiva Springs is a bustling community and a good place to call home. It’s safer than 50% of U.S. cities, so residents benefit from the safety of the area. Still, there’s a bad apple or two from every tree, and crimes still happen in Wekiva Springs. That’s where Smith & Eulo Law Firm comes in to see that justice is properly served. Our criminal defense lawyers in Wekiva Springs represent you when you wind up on the wrong end of the law. 

Wekiva Springs, FL Criminal Defense Cases

What does crime really look like in Wekiva Springs anyway? For the most part, it’s relatively mild. The crime rate in Wekiwa Springs is 35% lower than the national average and the community’s crime rate is lower than 63% of Florida state. For some perspective, that means residents have a one in 60 chance of becoming a victim of any crime, which is somewhat better than average. 

But remember that there are different types of crime, too. Most are divided into either property crimes or violent crimes, and instances of each vary widely. That said, you have a much higher chance of facing property crime (burglary, robbery, arson, theft)—about one in 71— than violent crime (battery, sexual assault, assault)—one in 415. 

Luckily, if you’re the offender in cases like these, we can help. Smith & Eulo Law Firm has an experienced team of criminal defense lawyers in Wekiva Springs to help you navigate the legal system when you’re accused of crimes in the area. Our pros have a track record of success in cases involving:

  • Robbery – Robbery is the felony offense of intentionally taking another person’s property without permission. It comes in various forms, ranging from purse snatching to robbery with a deadly weapon, and can result in punishments up to life in prison. 
  • Drug Crimes – The most common drug crimes involve illegal possession or trafficking of controlled drug crimessubstances (prescription medications, narcotics, marijuana, cocaine, etc.). Drugs are classified by Drug Schedules, which determine addictiveness and medicinal value. As such, penalties for possession or trafficking are far ranging and can be as lenient as a small misdemeanor charge all the way up to a felony charge and life in prison.
  • Battery – Battery can happen in one of two ways: intentionally touching/striking another person against their will or intentionally harming another person. The penalties vary depending on how the perpetrator carried out his/her crime. If no weapons are used, it’s a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison. However, if weapons are used during the crime, the offender can expect a felony and up to 25 years in prison.

If you’ve been accused of these or similar crimes in Wekiva Springs, call Smith & Eulo Law Firm to discuss the details of your case. Both sides deserve to be heard, and we’ll work to represent your interests.

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