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Car Accident Lawyers in Orlando, FL

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Car Accident Lawyers will work with you and help you through a difficult situation:

Traumatic Experience:

Car accidents are often a very traumatic and confusing time for you and your family. There are injuries involved, extensive damage to your property, medical bills, and dealing with insurance. Injuries or damages can lead to not being able to go to work which can result in lost wages.

There is no need to handle all of this on your own, consult with a car accident lawyer who can help walk you through the process.

Assess Your Situation:

Immediately following a car accident it is very important to assess your surroundings and situation. If you need medical attention it is in your best interest to request it right away when the police arrive on the scene. You must also ensure that you obtain all pertinent information. Collect the other driver’s driver’s license information, insurance information, and license plate number, and obtain a police report of the situation.

Before making any statements to any insurance company, consult with a lawyer so you do not make any objectionable remarks that may reduce your chance of recovery.

Car Accident Lawyers Can Help:

Lawyers can help you through the rough and unfortunate times an accident can cause. However, without an injury – there is no case. Your lawyer should be skilled enough to determine if you have a valid claim for recovery. Car accident cases are one of the more common personal injury cases where negligence and liability of the other driver are to be established for your recovery. A skilled attorney can help you through this process.

*Note: If you are looking for a CDL lawyer we can help you too.

Here’s what you should know

No-Fault state: A No-Fault state means that if you get into a car accident in that state then your insurance is charged first. No matter whose fault it was for the accident your personal insurance gets charged. By law, you must have insurance with a PIP (Personal Injury Protection) that will cover any expenses as a result of an accident.

Report the accident: It is illegal to not report the accident to law enforcement. Even if it’s a small accident with minimal damage you would still want to call the non-emergency hotline. They will notify you on what to do next and if they with dispatch officers to the scene.

Insurance: After you call the police and check on any affected party members you should notify your insurance. Do this as soon as possible because some insurance companies have small windows to make a claim. Some companies state in their policies that if you wait too long to make a claim, they can deny you or give you partial coverage.

Get representation: If you plan on making a personal injury claim to get compensation for your expenses, then you would want to seek legal representation. By having a lawyer on your side, you increase your chances of winning a settlement and receiving an amount that can cover all of your current and future expenses.

Get Compensated

According to the FLHSMV, in 2018 more than 401,851 car accidents were recorded in Florida. That is a huge leap from 2017 when there were 258,672 car accidents recorded. On average, 650 car accidents happen a day in Florida and most are caused by speeding. The leading causes of accidents are speeding, DUI, Texting and Driving, Distracted driving, tailgating, and poor weather conditions. No matter the type of accident you should always take it seriously, even a minor one.

Even if there aren’t any visible damages doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Concussions can hide through headaches and misalignment can cause future tire damage.  Even though Florida is a No-Fault state you can still receive compensation from the at-fault party to cover any current or future expenses. Make sure you get everything checked out and properly document the recovery of you and your vehicle. By keeping a timeline of any expenses and recovery, you can increase your chances of winning and receiving a higher settlement. If you were involved in a truck accident, we can also help you, truck accidents are a bit more complex due to the stringent rules and regulations truck drivers must adhere to.

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