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For a third year in a row the Smith & Eulo Law firm has awarded students who are about to enter or already enrolled in Law School with a legal scholarship as a way to give back to the younger generation of attorneys. This year the firm is awarding two students, Christina Casseus from FAMU and Falynn Dunkelberger from Vanderbilt.  These young women are inspiring in their own way, we were truly touched by their stories and by what they hope to achieve with their law careers.

Christina Casseus from FAMU

Christina Casseus Smith & Eulo Scholarship Winner 22-23Is a first-generation college student, the proud daughter of immigrant parents from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, who migrated to the United States in 1984 with nothing but courage and hope for a new life. Her upbringing gave her the opportunity to see firsthand the many injustices, inequalities, and mistreatments immigrants experience daily. These early life experiences gave her the drive and determination to pursue a career in law. Christina plans to stand and fight for people who are being mistreated and silenced, she believes just because a person doesn’t know their legal rights, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t benefit from them. She also envisions one day being able to open a youth center in her hometown to mentor, inspire and provide financial assistance to future lawyers.

Falynn Dunkelberger from Vanderbilt

Falynn Dunkelberger Smith & Eulo Scholarship Winner 22-23

Decided to attend Vanderbilt because she wanted to challenge her own understanding of the world and be surrounded by people with different life experiences. In her future career, she specifically wants to focus in juvenile defense and do Guardian ad Litem work. For her, children are the best, even when they are at their worst, and being an individual who can advocate for them and ensure they are being best served will not only be extremely fulfilling, but also an opportunity to better her community. Growing up she got to see friends who encountered the juvenile justice system, and how their lives got either impacted for the better or for the worse. Falynn wants to do her part in making sure it is always for the better by serving as an advocate and Defensor of the youth.

2020 – Kayleigh Reneau, Belmont College of Law, Class of 2023

Legal Scholarship Winner - Kayleigh Reneau, Belmont College of Law Class of 2023

2021 – Stephanie Wong, Notre Dame Law School, Class of 2024

Stephanie Wong - Smith & Eulo Legal Scholarship Winner 2021

Darryl Smith & Ken Eulo from Smith & Eulo Law Firm in their law school gear
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