Criminal Defense Attorney in Avalon

With just over 500 residents, Avalon is a small, tight-knit area in Santa Rosa County. Most of its residents are white, criminal defense lawyer avalon parkmiddle-aged professionals working in fields ranging from finance and education to healthcare and general office positions. Luckily, the community is pretty safe, too, with crime rates below the U.S. average and is safer than many cities in the nation.

All that said, the community does experience its share of crime, and each offender deserves qualified legal defense. Smith & Eulo Law Firm steps in when you need a criminal defense attorney in Avalon.

Smith & Eulo’s Criminal Defense Expertise

Any individual in the Avalon area has a small chance of becoming a crime victim at any time—about one in 50—but property and violent crimes are highly specific. Violent crime is exceptionally low, and residents stand just a one in 343 chance of becoming victims of crimes. In comparison, property crime is more prevalent, with odds of one in 58. Smith & Eulo Law Firm successfully defends people accused of crimes such as:

  • Battery – Intentionally touching, striking or inflicting bodily harm on someone else against their will is considered battery. The crime can be either a misdemeanor (simple battery) or felony (aggravated battery), carrying penalties of up to one year or up to 25 years respectively. The difference lies in how an offender caused harm, as well as how much physical harm they inflicted.
  • Loitering – If you’re skulking about in a public space or even near someone’s home and others perceive a breach of peace or threat to their safety, that could be considered loitering and prowling. While it’s a difficult crime to prove, suspected offenders still face penalties like fines and community service and need legal counsel. 
  • Federal CrimesFederal criminal charges can be for just about anything, but must meet certain conditions to be tried in the federal court system. These crimes involve instances where offenders cross state lines, criminal activity crosses state lines, criminal activity takes place on federal property or the actions have to do with immigration. Common offenses involve drug trafficking, assault and human trafficking. Because they’re so severe, federal crimes come with stiff prison terms and are usually felony offenses.

Whether it’s a federal- or state-level crime, don’t face it on your own. Hire an attorney to defend you in the First Judicial Circuit Court to navigate the legal system.

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When you’re facing serious criminal charges, you need a legal team you can trust. Smith & Eulo has 20+ years of experience serving Avalon and the great Orlando region. Our partners, Darryl Smith and Ken Eulo, are available around the clock to assist with your case. Call for a complimentary case evaluation today.