Oviedo Criminal Defense Lawyer

According to Niche (a top comfort-of-living review site), Oviedo is one of the best places to live in Seminole County. Oviedo is known as a great place to raise your family, and nothing can tear apart a family quicker than a family member being arrested. Getting arrested is an embarrassing ordeal, but unfortunately, it happens every day.

If you are arrested and you are being accused of a criminal charge in Oviedo, Smith & Eulo Law Firm can help defend your case. Smith & Eulo law firm has been a trusted source of criminal defense attorneys for many years, and our dedication separates us from the rest. We work diligently to keep our clients’ reputations in tact, and maintain the good name that Oviedo citizens have worked so hard to build. 

What Arrests are Common in Oviedo?

Oviedo is not known for being a hub of major crime, and most of the arrests in the city consist of misdemeanors. However, even these small infractions can leave an ugly blemish on a person’s record, and can lead to difficulty landing jobs that they are otherwise qualified for. Here are the most common types of crime we see in Oviedo: 

All of these crimes may not seem that significant, but to the person that is being accused, they can be the ultimate dead end in their lives. At Smith & Eulo Law Firm, we don’t believe that one silly mistake should label you a criminal for the rest of your life. People make mistakes, and second chances are given for a reason. This is why our group of criminal defense attorneys works night in and night out to defend those facing criminal charges, and why we demand perfection for each and every case. 

If I’m Arrested in Oviedo, When Should I Call an Attorney?

If you are arrested and being accused of a crime in Oviedo, the sooner you can contact an attorney, the better. When you first get arrested, be sure to tell them you would like to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. If you can, avoid saying anything else pertaining to your case, as you don’t want to incriminate yourself. When you get to jail, you should have the right to a phone call. As much as you would like to call your family and tell them what happened, this phone call should be made to an attorney if you have not already been in contact with one. 

Going through rigorous police questioning is a terrifying experience for any individual, but having an attorney by your side to help you navigate questions makes the procedure much easier. An attorney can also advise you on what questions to answer, and when to let her/him do the talking.

Great criminal defense attorneys have been through this process hundreds of times, and they know when police are trying to dig the answers they are looking for our of you. At Smith & Eulo, we can not stress enough the importance of having an attorney by your side throughout the legal process.  Our attorneys have defended thousands of cases, and can give you experienced legal advice with each step you take in the legal system. 

How Should I Contact Smith & Eulo?

You can contact Smith and Eulo by phone, contact form, or email. Our phone lines are open all hours of the day, 7 days a week, so most clients prefer to call our law firm to discuss their legal options. However, if we are busy with another client at the time, you can submit your case details in the contact form on our website and one of our attorneys will reach you at the earliest possible time.

Whatever form of communication you choose, rest assured that the second one of our dedicated criminal defense attorneys picks up the phone, we will be doing everything in our power to defend your criminal case.