Apopka Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hopefully, you will never have the need to hire a criminal defense attorney. However, we are all human, and sometimes we make mistakes. If you are being charged with a criminal offense in Apopka, hiring the right criminal defense attorney can be the difference between jail time and freedom.

Fighting the courts by yourself can be a terrifying ordeal, and not knowing how to go about your court proceedings can leave you in a world of trouble. This is why hiring an attorney for your criminal case is the most beneficial task you can do for yourself.

Our Criminal Cases in Apopka

With thousands of cases handled by our professional group of attorneys, a great deal of those cases have come from the Apopka area. Smith & Eulo Law Firm has served this area for many years, and our satisfied clients continue to recommend us to those facing legal allegations throughout Apopka.

We are familiar with the territory, the courts, and common cases throughout the area, giving us an extra edge based on our experiences. Our attorneys are experts in all areas of the legal system, and will work diligently to fight for the best outcome for your criminal case.

If you find yourself arrested in Apopka, count on a criminal defense attorney who knows the city and is proud to serve the people residing there.

What Criminal Cases Can Smith & Eulo Handle?

The short answer? Everything. Smith & Eulo Law Firm has handled cases from DUI, to drug charges, to murder. While we handle a wide variety of cases, each of the cases we take on are special to us. We do extensive legal research, and determine the appropriate steps to take that are specific to each case.

Hiring the wrong lawyer for your case can lead to extended charges, and more jail time. Many of our Apopka clients have even had their cases dismissed! This is why it is important to hire a criminal defense attorney with the experience to handle any legal situation, and who has a wealth of knowledge and resources at their disposal.

At Smith & Eulo, we have over twenty years of combined legal experience, so we know our way around any and all legal matters. Our results speak for themselves, and we pride ourselves on the outcome of each case. 

Know Your Rights

One of the first things you should hear when you are arrested is your Miranda Rights (and if you don’t, our firm will be there to defend you). Included in the Miranda Rights is your right to remain silent, as well as your right to speak to an attorney.

At Smith & Eulo, we highly recommend you exercises these rights. Far too often, people being accused of criminal charges incriminate themselves before they even get the chance to talk to an attorney. This is a huge blow to defending your case, even if you have the right legal representation.

Speaking to a criminal defense lawyer before you are questioned/interrogated is always advised, as a good defense lawyer will instruct you on what to answer and what might be incriminating evidence against you. 

Contact Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you are facing criminal charges in Apopka, contacting one of our dedicated criminal defense attorneys could be your first step towards receiving the best outcome for your case. We do not judge any client facing charges, and all of our attorneys are proud to defend their clients.

We offer free consultations to those facing these allegations, and will go into great detail to ensure you understand the next steps to take in your case. Check out our testimonials to see what past clients have to say about us, and contact us as soon as possible so we can start fighting your case!