Smith & Eulo Internship Opportunities

legal internships at Smith & Eulo

At Smith & Eulo we believe in fostering education and giving young students the opportunity to get involved in the field as early as possible, that is why we offer two different types of internships, one for students who are in Pre-Law/Criminal Justice programs and one for students who have already been admitted and currently attending Law School.

Marketing or Pre-Law/Criminal Justice Students: The purpose of this internship is to help students get exposure to the world of Criminal Defense Law practice. The student(s) will have the opportunity to meet/interview/shadow the attorneys at firm (if in the legal field) while mainly working with the Director of Marketing to help write compelling content to publish on our websites and other digital platforms, along with helping with social media and community events. By doing this, the student(s) will be exposed to the Marketing side of promoting a Law Firm, something that could come in handy as they emerge into the real world, which has become highly digitalized.


  • Keyword/topic research – understand how and what are people searching for as it relates to the services offered by the firm
  • Write content that accurately informs the potential clients and helps answer questions they have
  • Social Media posts
  • Help with community events
  • Reply to reviews on different review platforms
  • Review analytics to understand how the content that is being created is helping the firm
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Proof of enrollment in a higher education institution in a Pre-Law/Criminal Justice or Marketing program

Law Students: The purpose of this internship is for the student(s) to get an overall understanding and firsthand experience of what it entails to practice criminal defense law. The student could work with one or more than one attorney at the time. The student(s) will assist the attorney(s) by doing research, helping write memoranda, managing case files, and other functions as assigned.


  • Case research/write memoranda
  • Manage case files
  • Assist with preparation for trials, hearings, and depositions
  • Attend client meetings, trials, hearings, arguments, and depositions as needed
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Proof of enrollment in a higher education institution in a J.D. program

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