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When someone violates probation, the judge has the authority to revoke probation and impose any penalty he or she could have imposed when the accused committed the original offense. Remember, probation is often ordered by the court following the completion of a sentence or in lieu of jail time.

If someone is arrested and charged with violation of probation, they should be given a preliminary violation of probation hearing within 30 days from the incident with proper notice and enough time to prepare by hiring a lawyer to represent them if they choose to, which is highly encouraged given the complexities of the legal system. If the preliminary hearing results in finding probable cause that the violation of probation did occur, then there will be a revocation hearing on the alleged violation, and both parties will have the chance to present evidence.

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What Exactly Constitutes the Violation of Probation?

In short, the violation of probation constitutes breaking the conditions of the agreement given to you by the court. Everyone’s case may vary slightly depending on the situation and conditions, however, the conditions listed below, do not require oral pronouncement at the time of sentencing, in other words, they are standard, that said other stipulations may be added depending on your specific case:

  • Reporting to the probation officer as directed
  • Allowing the probation officer to visit you at your home or elsewhere
  • Working at a suitable employment if it may be possible
  • Remaining within a specified location
  • Living without violating any law, please note that you don’t need a conviction to violate the law
  • Make reparation or restitution to the aggrieved party for the damages or loss caused
  • Supporting your legal dependents to the best of your ability
  • Making payments of the debt due to the state (subject to modifications based on circumstances)
  • Paying application and attorney’s fees
  • Not associating with people who engage in criminal activities
  • Submitting to random testing as directed by the probation officer, or the professional staff at the treatment center where you receive treatment to determine the presence of drugs or alcohol
  • Not allowed to carry, possess, or own a firearm, or weapon without the proper authorization of the probation officer
  • Submitting the drawing of blood, or other biological specimens and reimbursing the appropriate agency for the costs

What is Community Control?

Community Control is a form of intensive, supervised custody in the community. It includes surveillance on weekends and holidays, the freedom of the offender is restricted within the community, home, or noninstitutional residential placement, and specific sanctions are imposed and enforced. Some of the specifications of community control include:

  • Specified contact with the parole or probation offices
  • Confinement to an agreed-upon residence during hours away from a job or community service activities
  • Mandatory community/public service
  • Supervision by the Department of Corrections through an electronic monitoring device
  • In addition, all the conditions mentioned above for probation

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