In Florida and across the country thousands of people have decided to take their exercise routines outside because of the pandemic, and outdoor cycling has usually been their sport of choice. Just like with any sport, there are risks associated, for cyclists this also includes being exposed to not just the elements, but to others on the road including cars, trucks, and motorbikes. Most cities and counties in the state of Florida do an excellent job of having good signals and shoulders for bicyclists, however, accidents can and do happen.

When involved in a bicycle accident the last thing that comes to mind is reaching out to a lawyer, however, it is important to contact one as soon as possible, because the situation can get very complicated quickly, and you will want someone with experience to act on your behalf.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Florida

So far in 2021 there have been a total of 5,034 bicycle crashes reported, 135 of them unfortunately ending in fatalities in the State of Florida. There are measures bicyclists can take to help prevent accidents:

  • Being always aware of their surroundings
  • Always wear a helmet (that is properly secured)
  • Wearing colors that can be seen from afar such as fluorescent green
  • Using back and front lights on the bicycles
  • Following traffic signals
  • Staying on the shoulder, or if there is no shoulder as far to the right of the road as possible
  • Don’t wear headphones that could limit your hearing ability

Even with all those precautions, accidents could still happen due to lack of attention of the other driver, lack of visibility, misjudging of the distance between their moving vehicle and the cyclist (motor vehicles must stay 3 feet away from the cyclist), running a stop sign, or red light, driving under the influence, recklessly or too fast. There are so many factors that go into play, that when accidents happen it is best to hire a bicycle injury attorney to help you through the intricacies of dealing with insurance companies. Often insurance companies will try to do everything they can to deny your claim and not pay you what you truly deserve due to the injuries suffered, the pain, and the lost wages because of the accident. They are in business for profit, and they will always have their best interest at heart, not yours.

If you are involved in a bicycle accident you need to:

  • Call the police, they will investigate, identify potential witnesses, and prepare a report, this is extremely important
  • Get medical attention regardless of whether you think you are okay, since injuries may not show up right away
  • Call your car insurance company, you may have personal injury protection, or PIP, which could help cover your medical expenses
  • Take pictures of the damage done to the bicycle and the scene
  • Lastly, call us to make sure you get what you deserve from your insurance company

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