Doctor Phillips Criminal Defense Lawyer

Doctor Phillips, Florida is a suburb of Orlando, located only 20 minutes down the road from our office. For those who are not aware, the town was named after citrus magnate Dr. Phillip Phillips.

The great educational institution Doctor Phillips High School is named after him, and his charity foundation continues to fund many operations and non profit organizations around the Orlando area.

Being that Doctor Phillips is only a short drive from our office, we have no shortage of clients that reside there. Smith and Eulo Law Firm knows the court system in Doctor Phillips, and have been trusted time and time again to represent clients facing criminal charges in the city.

Common criminal charges in Doctor Phillips

Doctor Phillips is ranked as one of the best suburbs to live in the Orlando area. The crime there is significantly less than the national average, however, we do see common instances of these types of crime:

  • Theft: Theft is the most common crime in Doctor Phillips. It is estimated that a little over 2000 thefts occur per year in the suburb. The penalty for theft is dependant on several factors, like the value of what was stolen, if this is a first offense, and many others. The charge can be a misdemeanor or a felony, and the penalties range from minor fines to up to 30 years in prison.

  • DUI/DWI: DUI is also very common in Doctor Phillips. The penalty for DUI in the state of Florida varies greatly, depending on prior offenses. This charge can be a misdemeanor or a felony, and can result in up to 5 years in jail, a 10 year license revocation, and heft fines. You may also be required to install an interlock device in your car, and pay for classes/reinstatement fees in order to drive again legally.

  • Assault: Because Orlando is known for having a great nightlife, residents of Doctor Phillips and the surrounding areas are prone to indulging in more alcohol than they should, which results in a large amount of verbal/physical altercations. Jail time for assault can range from 60 days to 15 years, and even more, depending on if the defendant has prior convictions. You could be required to pay fines of up to $10,000 if convicted of a felony assault and battery charge.

All of the crimes mentioned, and many more, can have a significant impact on your personal life. If you are facing any form of criminal charges in Doctor Phillips, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Smith and Eulo Law Firm has a great reputation representing the residents of Doctor Phillips, and we have a track record of successful criminal defense. Contact us today if you are facing criminal charges in Doctor Phillips, Florida.

Smith and Eulo Law Firm Covers All Areas of Criminal Defense in Doctor Phillips

Smith and Eulo Law firm prides itself on treating each case with respect, and providing the best defense for your situation. We cover every area of criminal law, and our attorneys have the expertise and knowledge to handle any criminal case.

Here are the specific areas of criminal defense law that Smith and Eulo Law Firm covers (though we practice in many other areas not on this list):

  • Arson: Arson is the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property or a structure.

  • Assault: Assault is normally defined as a physical attack, but an individual can be charged with assault even if they make another person feel like they are in danger.

  • Attempted Murder: Attempted murder is when an individual has the intent to kill another person, but does not succeed.


  • Drug Charges: Drug charges cover the possession, distribution, and trafficking  of different substances like marijuana, heroin, and many others. 
  • DUI: DUI is normally classified when an individual operates a motor vehicle with a BAC of .08% or greater, however, a DUI arrest can be made with a lower alcohol content if they individual is clearly not able to properly operate the vehicle.


  • Failure to Appear: Failure to appear in the court of law is usually a result of an individual failing to appear when summoned for jury duty, or failing to appear for a citation from a law enforcement officer.


  • Gun Charges: Gun charges vary greatly in the state of Florida, and cover anything from the improper possession to guns that have been officially banned.


  • Homicide: Homicide occurs when an individual is at fault for taking the life of another person. A homicide charge can involve a range of factors, and is separated into first degree and second degree homicide. Manslaughter, or killing another person without the intent to, is also grouped into this area of law.


  • Prostitution: Prostitution incldes all forms of sex crimes like operating a house of prostitution, human trafficking, and “pimping.”


  • Robbery: Robbery occurs when an individual uses force, or the threat of force, to take another person’s property. This also includes aggravated robbery, which involves the use of a weapon to perform the robbery.


  • Sex Offense: Sex offenses are crimes that involve unwanted sexual contact, like sexual assault and rape. A conviction of a sex offense usually requires the accused to be registered as a sex offendor for life.


  • Immigration: Immigration laws cover the unlawful entry to the United States, and can result in the defendant facing hefty jail time, fines, and deportation from the United States.

If you are facing criminal charges in Doctor Phillips, Florida, contact Smith and Eulo Law Firm for the best criminal defense attorneys in the Orlando area. Our qualified criminal defense attorneys work day and night on each individual case to provide the best defense for your particular circumstance. When you are considering a criminal defense lawyer, choose the law firm that the resident of Doctor Phillips have trusted time and time again.