Criminal Defense Lawyers in Lake Buena Vista

Lake Buena Vista is a city in Orange County controlled by the Walt Disney Company. Surrounding the Disney theme disney world lake buena vista criminal defense attorneysparks, the city itself has a tiny population of less than ten residents, made up of mostly tourist traffic. Because of the themed attractions nearby, visitors to the area spend the rest of their time in Lake Buena Vista’s many restaurants, stores and entertainment venues.

It’s an idyllic place to relax and vacation, but Lake Buena Vista occasionally sees its share of problems. That’s why Smith & Eulo Law Firm is available with criminal defense lawyers in Lake Buena Vista, ready to help tourists and nearby Orange County residents who have been accused of crimes. 

Criminal Defense Cases in Lake Buena Vista

Possibly owing to the tourist destination locale, Lake Buena Vista sees a low level of criminal activity. Violent crime sits well below the national average at 25 per 100 people, so residents and visitors alike have little chance of being victimized. Property crime is a bit higher, at 42 per 100 people. Smith & Eulo Law Firm takes on a variety of cases, with criminal defense lawyers in Lake Buena Vista assisting in cases involving:

  • Assault – Unlawful threats of violence to another, inasmuch as they create a reasonable sense of fear, constitute assault. As these crimes are often coupled with battery (actually physically harming another), the penalties range far and wide from a misdemeanor and up to one year in prison for simple assault to a felony and up to 20 years in prison for aggravated assault with a weapon.
  • Burglary – Breaking in and entering someone else’s home or building intending to commit further crimes is burglary in a nutshell. It’s a felony offense carrying a penalty of  five years to life in prison based on factors like value of stolen goods, damage caused, use of force and weapons involved.
  • Theft – Stealing someone’s property to deprive them of it is theft, and can be classified as either a petit theft ($300 value or less) misdemeanor or grand theft ($300 – 20,000) felony. Because the severity varies, sentences range from one year to five years in prison.

If you’re accused of a property crime, violent crime or both, you need a lawyer. Talk to us about your case.

Hire Your Criminal Defense Lawyers in Lake Buena Vista

Whether you got carried away during your vacation or intended to cause harm, your immediate priority once you’ve been accused of a crime in Lake Buena Vista is to hire the best criminal defense lawyer. Smith & Eulo Law Firm has 20+ years of combined experience to provide the defense you deserve, and we’re available 24/7 to support you during your case. Get in touch for a complimentary case evaluation and move toward putting your mistakes behind you.