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What is considered Burglary?

According to the 2020 Florida Statutes, burglary is defined as entering a residence or establishment to commit an offense, unless the person in question has been invited, the establishment is open to the public, or the person is licensed to enter said establishment. Additionally, if the person has stayed passed the open hours of an establishment closing, or if the person has been asked to leave and doesn’t with the intent to commit an offense.

Burglary in the State of Florida is punishable by jail time, depending on the severity of the offense, but not exceeding life imprisonment, if there is no death involved, then the maximum prison sentence could be up to 30 years. There are also fines involved that can go up to $10, 000.

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There are different degrees of burglary felonies:

First Degree Burglary Felony: In addition to entering the residence or establishment the person also:

  • Commits assault or battery on another person
  • Becomes armed while inside the establishment/residence
  • Causes any sort of damage exceeding $1,000

Second-Degree Burglary Felony: Enters the residence or establishment while another person is inside, but the offender does not:

  • Commit assault or battery on another person
  • Become armed with a weapon or explosive

Third Degree Burglary Felony: Enter the residence or establishment while there is NOT another person inside and:

  • Does not commit assault or battery
  • Does not become armed with weapons or explosives

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