Criminal Defense Attorneys in Sanford

Sanford, FL is an intensely diverse region, creating a culture-rich space for individuals to live and work. It’s a community of business professionals in administrative, science and office roles, but also boasts a large artistic space, with more artists and designers here than 90% of the U.S. The ethnically- and culturally-diverse nature of the region makes it an unpredictable area, one that faces a high degree of crime.

Smith & Eulo Law Firm has defended clients in this region for a long time, using the firm’s combined 20+ years of experience to provide exceptional service for each individual case. Let us evaluate your situation to provide the best guidance.

Common Criminal Defense Cases in Sanford

Sanford, FL faces a high crime rate, with 87% of all regions in the state having lower offense rates. One in 24 people has a crime perpetrated against them each year in the area. But not all crimes are malicious, and can often be accidental. Luckily, the attorneys at Smith & Eulo Law Firm have defended individuals in a variety of cases, like:

  • Simple Assault – While no crime is actually “simple,” simple assault carries this name because it is a mild physical assault against another person without a weapon. Simple assaults cause minimal bodily injury (striking another to the face, a wrist sprain, etc.). These offenses carry minimal sentences, too, and are classified as misdemeanors punishable by up to one year in prison.
  • Felonious Assault – Felonious assaults encapsulate various assault charges, including threats of violence to another person, a substantial physical attack on another (physical assault) and assault with a weapon (aggravated assault). Because these cases always involve substantial (but not life-threatening) physical harm, they are felonies punishable by one to 25 years in prison. The odds of being a victim of any assault in Sanford are one in 143.
  • Petit Theft and Larceny over $50Theft crimes in Sanford are among the region’s biggest problems, with larceny and petit theft being common. Larceny involves theft of personal property (rather than money) from an individual or business, while petit theft involves taking items and/or money from another individual. The crime can be divided into first and second degree petit theft, with first degree petit theft involving property valued at $100 – $300 and second degree petit theft carrying a property value under $100. 36 in every one thousand people in Sanford become victims of theft, and the crime is a misdemeanor.

Trust the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Sanford

Mistakes happen in the heat of the moment, and sometimes an idea seems harmless. If you’ve been accused of a crime in Sanford, don’t wait to secure a legal team. Trust Smith & Eulo Law Firm as your defense team. We’ll help you put your mistakes behind you so you can learn from them. Call Smith & Eulo Law Firm 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer a free consultation and will help you get back on the right path.