Baldwin Park Criminal Defense Lawyer

Baldwin Park is one of the best up and coming neighborhoods to live in the city of Orlando. With the first residents moving to the neighborhood in 2002, Baldwin Park is a relatively newer neighborhood compared to the rest of the city of Orlando.

This is because the area where Baldwin Park now sits was once a Naval Recruit Training Center, but due to the military’s Base Realignment and Closure Program, the base was closed and open to development in the mid 90’s. Baldwin park has no specific crime statistics, but being that it is in the center of Orlando, the residents are subject to similar statistics as the residents of Orlando.

What crimes are common is the Baldwin Park area?

As mentioned, the FBI has put no specific crime data out for the Baldwin Park neighborhood. For this section, we will use the most common crimes we see in the city of Orlando, where Baldwin Park residents are most likely to work and socialize. The most common crimes in the Baldwin Park area are:

  • Petit/Grand theft: Petit/grand theft is well over double the national average in Orlando. Residents of Baldwin Park are no exception, due to the high income of the area. 
  • Burglary: Burglary is entering a residence or structure without permission, with the intent to commit a crime. Residents of Baldwin Park have relatively expensive homes compared to other areas in Orlando, so burglary statistics are over twice the national average. 
  • Vehicle theft: Vehicle theft is almost double the national average in the city of Orlando, and the residents of Baldwin park are extremely at risk. Because affluent residents of Baldwin Park often by expensive cars, they are likely targets for vehicle theft.

Crimes are very common around the area of Baldwin Park. If you find yourself being accused of any crime in the Baldwin Park area, contact Smith and Eulo Law Firm.

Our professional criminal defense lawyers can defend any type of criminal case, and could potentially lower your sentence, or even get your case dismissed. Smith and Eulo Law Firm does not advise you to defend your case alone, without the presence of a criminal defense lawyer.

What happens if I am arrested for a criminal charge in Baldwin Park?

Getting arrested is often one of the most stressful situations a person can be in. A criminal charge can hold serious implications if you are convicted, and create a serious impact on an individual’s personal life. A felony can restrict what types of jobs you qualify, and limit other freedoms awarded to citizens with a clean record. 

If you are arrested in Baldwin Park, you will most likely first be taken to a division of the Orange County Police Department for questioning. It is important that you remember your rights during your arrest, and during the phase of the process. Before you are questioned, it is imperative that you call a qualified criminal defense attorney.

Having an attorney present during your questioning can prevent you from incriminating advise, and your attorney should advise you on what questions to answer, and when to stay silent. After questioning, most defendants that are being held for a court case are taken to Orange County Jail.

During this time, your attorney can prepare the best defense for your case, and collect evidence to support your case. You will be given a trial date, and have the opportunity to present your defense. It is important to listen to your defense attorney during your trial, and follow their experienced legal advice.

A good criminal defense attorney can provide you with the opportunity to get your sentence reduced, your case dismissed, or another positive outcome. 

Smith & Eulo defends the residents of Baldwin Park

At Smith and Eulo Law Firm, we pride ourselves on being the best criminal defense attorneys in the Baldwin Park area. We have spent over a decade defending clients in the Orlando Court System, and our testimonials from past clients speak for themselves.

Our defense attorneys will prepare the best possible defense specific to your case, and give you the best chance for a positive outcome. If you or someone you know has been accused of a criminal charge in Baldwin Park, contact Smith and Eulo Law Firm for the most dedicated criminal defense attorneys in the area.