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We know getting in trouble with the law is never the plan. It is most certainly never something “we save” for. The truth is, life happens and we fully understand that. This is why we offer the flexibility of payment plans for all your criminal defense needs. We want our clients and future clients to know, that we are on their side and that includes making our experienced and dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyers affordable when you need their services most.

We take all major credit cards, cash, and or checks. You can reach us 24/7, we are always willing and ready to serve you. Remember that we offer free initial consultation. We have experience handling all types of misdemeanors and felonies, including DUI domestic violence cases, drug and gun-related cases, federal cases, and more.

We have two locations in the city of Orlando and we have offices across the state in the cities below:

Don’t leave your future, or the future of your loved ones to chance. We are here to help you, and that’s why we offer payment plans! Call us today to book your free initial consultation.

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