Federal Criminal Defense

The federal legal system is complex, and more challenging to navigate than state law. If you’re the subject of a federal criminal investigation and corresponding charges, it’s important to understand the process and what to expect. Federal crimes are some of the most severe offenses, so be prepared for a difficult fight ahead. 

Unlike state cases where local police departments investigate, federal crimes employ the specialties and resources of federal agencies like the FBI, CIA or DEA. That’s because federal crimes require specialized training, more manpower and investigation can last months or years. If local police are involved, they’ll likely work alongside these agencies.

When it comes time to go to trial, federal judges appointed by the president are in charge of hearing these cases and Assistant U.S. Attorneys prosecute the crimes. That’s why you need a solid federal criminal defense attorney in your corner to fight for you. Not every local attorney has the skills and training to defend individuals beyond the state level. The attorneys at Smith & Eulo Law Firm are experts in federal criminal defense, and we’ll make sure your case is handled fairly.

Federal Crimes and Evidence 

While there is some overlap between state and federal crimes (more on that below), the federal government maintains control over certain types of crime. A few crimes with federal jurisdiction include:

  • Crimes where offenders themselves cross state lines, i.e. transporting stolen property
  • Crimes that cross state lines, i.e. drug trafficking 
  • Crimes committed on federal land or against federal law enforcement officers, i.e. assault against a government agent
  • Immigration and customs violations, i.e. human trafficking

Investigative procedures and evidence collection vary widely in federal criminal cases, too. Because federal law enforcement is specialized and cases are so severe, investigations are extensive. A single investigation can go on for weeks, months or years before you’re formally charged. Investigations might include tactics like:

  • Electronic surveillance: Monitoring a home or business with electronic devices like wiretapping (under the guidelines of Title III), CCTV and cameras to capture suspicious conversations
  • Undercover Investigation: Law enforcement’s investigation of an individual or group under the guise of a false identity to record conversations and obtain evidence of illegal activities 

It’s worth mentioning that even though state and federal courts differ, you can be prosecuted in both for the same crime. That might seem confusing, but certain crimes violate both state and federal law. It’s rare, but a single offender can be tried in both courts for drug trafficking, fraud and weapons charges. Because state and federal governments are separate, double jeopardy doesn’t apply. 

If you’re convicted in a federal case, expect a harsher punishment than the state would assign. Improve your chances of a positive outcome by hiring Smith & Eulo Law Firm to defend your case.

Our Federal Case Expertise

Looking down the barrel of federal charges is daunting, and you need the right legal team to guide you through the process. Darryl Smith and Ken Eulo are certified attorneys in both state and federal courts. Along with a trusted team of federal criminal defense attorneys, our name partners at Smith & Eulo Law Firm have defended clients in cases like:federal criminal defense

Just like you, we don’t like the word “guilty.” We work tirelessly to build strong cases for each of our clients, and are determined to provide unparalleled federal criminal defense. This is your future and livelihood we’re talking about, so don’t settle for a public defender in your federal case. 

Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case

If you’ve been accused or suspect you may soon be accused of a federal crime, seek legal representation immediately. The sooner your legal team can start building your case, the better your chances are for a comprehensive defense. Trust Smith & Eulo Law Firm to handle your federal criminal defense. Call us at 407-930-8912 or get in touch online for a free case evaluation.

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