Criminal Defense Lawyers in Audubon Park, FL

Audubon Park is a small community in Orlando with a population around 1,700 people. The area is mostly composed of residents who are white, as well as Asian and black. Out of the working population, most folks hold professional office positions, healthcare positions or work in retail.

Audubon Park, FL is a somewhat safe place to live and raise a family, too, as it’s safer than 59% of all of Florida and 67% of Orlando as a whole. While the community is above average from a safety perspective, it still means crime is prevalent here. That’s why Smith & Eulo Law Firm stands ready to provide legal defense to those in need, with criminal defense lawyers in Audubon Park available to offer legal counsel.

Audubon Park, FL Criminal Defense Cases

While it’s not technically a “dangerous” area, Audubon Park is slightly less safe than the majority of U.S. communities, with a crime rate sitting at 9% over the national average. On the whole, residents have a one in 36 chance of becoming victims of any crime. Of course, certain offenses occur way more frequently. For instance, your odds of becoming a victim of property crime (robbery, burglary, theft, arson) is nearly the same as the area’s crime average, at one in 39. In contrast, violent crimes are sparse in Audubon Park, and your odds of becoming a victim of violent crimes (assault, sexual assault, battery) are just one in 484.

Regardless of the offense or the motive, Smith & Eulo believes in the justice system’s need to provide fairness to both offenders and victims. Our criminal defense lawyers in Audubon Park are available for a variety of different cases, from first offenses to repeat crimes. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Burglary – Burglary happens when an offender enters a dwelling or structure to commit an offense, unless the space is open to the public or they’re invited inside. It can be a  first degree felony, wherein the offender is armed and commits assault or battery during the burglary; second degree felony, wherein the offender is unarmed and doesn’t commit assault or battery but the owner/victim is present or a third degree felony, wherein nobody present during the burglary and no weapon is used in an assault or battery. 
  • Probation Violation – Offenders commit probation violation in instances where they willfully police officersand substantially violate the condition(s) of their probation punishment from a previous crime. If you’re on probation, depending on the type of crime your probation is for, the judge may effectively void the probation and instead require you to return to prison for your original crime.
  • Resisting Arrest – Resisting arrest involves committing an act that prevents the arresting officer from taking you into custody for a suspected crime. It can be either violent ( i.e. hitting the officer) or nonviolent (i.e. not letting them handcuff you) and can be either a misdemeanor or a felony.

Smith & Eulo Law Firm is here for you when you’re facing confusing legal charges. We help make sense of the process so you understand your options and potential consequences. 

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