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Lake Nona is a community that comprises several areas in Orlando. Most people live in its Central and South regions, which each have populations of about 1,000 residents (2,000 total). Lake Nona Central and South are predominantly white, and residents often work in fields ranging from construction and transportations to social services and professional office positions.criminal defense attorney in lake nona | smith & eulo

The community isn’t without its challenges, however, and crime remains a significant problem in both Lake Nona Central and South. Smith & Eulo Law Firm stands ready to assist residents who are accused of crimes in the area, so hire your lawyer in Lake Nona from our trusted staff of experts. 

Lake Nona Central Crime

While Lake Nona Central doesn’t have high instances of deadly crime, it still has crime rates sitting at 82% higher than the U.S. average, making criminal activity a substantial concern for the area. Residents have a strong chance of being victimized in some way, with a one in 22 chance of becoming victims of any type of crime. Specifically, property crime (burglary, robbery, theft, arson) is problematic, with instances of about one in 24 residents. On the other side of the spectrum, violent crime (assault, battery, rape) happens less frequently to one in 222 Lake Nona Central residents.

Lake Nona South Crime

The southern region of Lake Nona is in trouble, with crime rates of 178% over the U.S. average. These statistics are not only troubling, but they put the area’s residents at significant risk. In general, residents have a one in 14 chance of becoming victims of any type of crime in Lake Nona South (7%). Violent crime is relatively low, and just one in 154, but property crime occurs frequently, with residents having a one in 16 chance of becoming victims. 

With such high instances of crime, both the accused and victims alike need lawyers they can trust. No crime is black and white, so Smith & Eulo is ready to provide legal defense to individuals accused of crimes in Lake Nona. 

Smith & Eulo Cases in Lake Nona 

As with any area, offenses in Lake Nona vary. Smith & Eulo Law Firm has experience in dealing with both violent and property crimes, and has a long track record of successfully defending those who have been accused. Rest assured, your chosen lawyer in Lake Nona will have experience defending cases such as:

  • Federal Crime – Severe crimes can be under the jurisdiction of the federal government, state or both. Federal crimes generally involve instances where offenders cross state lines, criminal activity crosses state lines or the crimes are committed on federal land or against federal employees. Specific offenses vary immensely, from drug trafficking to assault, but penalties are severe.
  • Larceny – Also known as theft, larceny involves the unlawful taking of someone else’s property, specifically for the purpose of depriving the owner. Depending on the value of the item(s) stolen, larceny can fall under petit or grand theft, with penalties ranging from misdemeanor to felony and several years in prison.
  • Loitering and Prowling – Loitering is characterized by suspicious behavior that is unusual for law-abiding citizens. It involves lingering in one public place for a prolonged period, in such a way that reasonable individuals perceive a threat or breach of the peace. Because the crime is subjective, it’s notoriously hard to prove, but if convicted, offenders can face fines, imprisonment or community service.

If you’ve been accused of these or other crimes, don’t wait to hire a lawyer. Get in touch with Smith & Eulo to discuss your charges.

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Facing legal charges is scary, and you don’t have to do it alone. Smith & Eulo Law Firm has 20+ combined years of experience defending individuals in cases just like yours. If you’ve been charged, don’t wait to hire a lawyer in Lake Nona. Our team of experts will work with you 24/7 during your case to reach a positive resolution. Need convincing? Get in touch for your free case evaluation today.