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Osceola County

thumbnail father arrested after punching umpire

Father Arrested after Punching Umpire at Son’s Baseball Game

Over the weekend an Osceola County father was arrested for battery charges after punching the umpire officiating his son’s game.

thumb kissimmee man shots and kills former friend

Man Shoots & Kills Neighboor, Rushed Him to the Hospital

Earlier this week Gany Djurabayev shot and killed Bekzod Nishonboev in Osceola County. Currently Djurabayev is custody with no bond. Criminal Defense Attorney Luz Root analyses.

osceola man charged with child neglect thmbnail

Man Charged with Child Neglect After Found Asleep at the Wheel

On the weekend of Halloween 2022  an Osceola Man was found asleep behind the wheel with his children in the back seat. Turns out he had overdose. Attorney Luz Root analyses.

Jacinda Marie Decaro accused of murdering 4 year old daughter

Mother Arrested for Premeditated Homicide of Young Daughter

On January 10Th 2022 Judge Amy Carter signed a warrant for the arrest of Jacinda Marie Decaro who is accused of killing her young daughter by intentionally giving her a lethal does of Diphenhydramine, which is commonly referred to as Benadryl…

Dade County

thumbnail miami dade teen arrested drag racingMiami Dade 18 year-old Arrested for Drag Racing

Authorities in Miami-Dade County announced the arrest of an 18-year-old man in relation to illegal street racing. Attorney Kortney Daly analyses the situation.


thumb clay county man arrested for selling drugsClay County Man Arrested Accused of Selling Fentanyl & Crack Cocaine

This month Rydell Omar Green was arrested in Clay County for selling narcotics that included fentanyl and crack cocaine.  Reports indicate that police used a confidential informant to conduct the sting operation.  Criminal Defense Attorney Alexis Sykes analyses the situation.

Marion County

Ocala Man Arrested after Allegedly Stealing a Semi with $200K worth of Seafoodthumb-man-steals-truck-200k-in-seafood

According to local Florida news reports, Alain Marti-Rosell was recently arrested for stealing a semi-truck containing over $200,000 worth of seafood and meat. The 39-year-old man now faces multiple felony charges for the alleged theft.

thumb-teen-killedTeen Killed After Taking Turns At Shooting Each Other While Wearing Armored Vest

On April 10Th 2022  a 17 year old shot and killed a 16th year old while taking turns at shooting each other while wearing an armored vest. Criminal Defense Attorney Kortney Daly analyses the situation and comments on potential charges for the teen.


thumb - st pete mom killed stubbed Analysis: St Pete Mom Stabbed over 100 Times, Toddler Found in Alligator’s Mouth

A St. Pete’s mom was found dead at her apartment after being stabbed over 100 times. Her toddler son was later found in the mouth of an alligator. Criminal Defense Attorney, Robert Zlatkin analyses the situation.


New Jersey Man Extradited to Florida over Online Threat to Sheriff Chitwood thumb - new jersey man extradited

A New Jersey man was extradited earlier this week to Florida after making an online threat to kill Volusia County Sheriff, Mike Chitwood… Criminal Defense Attorney, Rose Hernandez analyses the situation.

We All Deserve A Second Chance: Jevon WaldenJevon-Walden-Darryl-Smith-in-court

On January 26, 2023, Jevon Walden who is represented by Darryl Smith, Managing Partner and Criminal Defense Attorney at Smith & Eulo Law Firm stood in front of the Judge to try to reach a resolution on Walden’s case.

thumb 13-year-old charged 13-Year-Old Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Classmates on Snapshot

A thirteen year old child was arrested in Volusia county for multiple charges. It is alleged that he posted on social media that he was going to shoot up the school. The Child sent out a snapchat to a group of people with a gun to a child’s head with a caption that said “I got 32 rounds for u.”

thumbnail- deland man accused Deland Man Charged with Poisoning after Pouring Bleach to Co-Worker’s Drink

On Oct 25, 2022 a Deland man was charged with poisoning and tampering with evidence after he poured bleach to a coworker’s drink. Criminal Defense Attorney Rose Hernandez breaks down the case and shares her take on the situation.


thumb man caught on videoAn Intruder Was Caught on Camera, Now Being Charged

a Seminole county man decided to check his surveillance video footage after his son’s phone went missing. For his demise, what he found was quite scary and shocking…


thumb road rage incidentPalm Coast Man Accused of Stabbing Another Man After Road Rage Incident

A Palm Coast man is being accused of stabbing another man due to a road rage incident. Criminal Defense Attorney Kortney Daly analyses the situation.

thumbnail- child abuseWoman Arrested for Child Abuse After Shaving Girl’s Head, Shoving Metal Piece in her Mouth

On Aug 15th, 2022  a woman in Flagler County was arrested after being accused of shaving a child’s head, writing derogatory words on her face and shoving a metal bar in her mouth.


thumb chanel williams arrestedChanel Williams Faces Several Charges After 15 year-old Gets Shot in Her Residence

Chanel Williams from Brevard County is facing multiple charges after a 15 year-old got shot in her house, by another teenager. Criminal Defense Attorney Alexis Sykes analyses the situation.

thumb brevard county principal arrestedBrevard County Principal Accused of Child Abuse Against Minor with Disabilities

John Long, 65, was arrested for allegedly pushing and holding a child with special needs on the ground using his knee. Criminal Defense Attorney Luz Root analyses the situation.

thumb - peter filibertoPalm Bay Councilman Charged with DUI and Possession of Cocaine

This past weekend a Palm Bay Councilman was arrested after trying to run away from police for speeding. Once caught he was charged with not only a DUI, but with possession of cocaine. Attorney Robert Zlatkin analyses the situation.

thumb-17 year old stubbed mother

Cocoa Police Arrested Teen for Attempting to Kill His Mother

The Cocoa Police Department recently arrested a 17-year-old for attempted murder of his mother. The defendant allegedly hit his own mother with a frying pan and stabbed her several times. Attorney Caleb Robinson analyzes the situation.

anthony diaz arrested 17 pounds of weedTexas Man Arrested for Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Sell After Failing to Move Over for Stopped Deputy

Attorney Luz Root gives her take on Anthony Diaz’s arrest for possession of cannabis after failing to follow the simple move over rule that’s strictly enforced in the state of Florida.

caleb robinson analyses dui manslaughter charge

Analysis: Brevard County Man Arrested for DUI Manslaughter

Attorney Caleb Robinson analyses the tragic crash that cause a man’s death due to another man driving under the influence.

Palm Beach

thumb Lawrence MitchellPalm Beach’s Lawrence Antonio Mitchell Arrested for 2nd Degree Murder

Lawrence Antonio Mitchell, 43, is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail without bail on a charge of second-degree murder with a firearm after his recent arrest, three days after the shooting that left 28-year-old Troy Nichols dead in Riviera Beach.

thumb 17 year old charged after shooting another teen

17-Year-Old Charged with Murder After Shooting Fellow Teen

A 17-year-old has been charged with murder after allegedly shooting and killing another teenager in Palm Beach county. Attorney Rose Hernandez analyses the situation.


thumb steven lorenzoAnalysis: Steven Lorenzo a Man Accused of Killing Two Men Is Undergoing Sentencing

A man accused of killing two gay men almost 20 years ago is undergoing sentencing, there’s just one issue, and Criminal Defense Attorney Rose Hernandez analyses the situation.


thumb alec baldwin charged kortney daly analysisProsecutors in Santa Fe NM Have Charged Baldwin with Involuntary Manslaughter

The prosecutors in Santa Fe New Mexico decided to file formal charges against Alec Baldwin for the shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of ‘Rust’ on October 21, 2021. Attorney Kortney Daly analyses the situation.


jacksonville businessman accused of embezzlementJacksonville Businessman Accused of Embezzlement 

A Jacksonville, FL businessman was accused of embezzlement after an unrelated accident occurred . Attorney Robert Zlatkin analyses the situation.


thumb 3 orange county men charged with kidnapping

3 Orange County Men Charged with Kidnapping

Three men were arrested for kidnapping a man and then holding him for ransom for failure to pay his $500 rent. Criminal Defense Attorney, Luz Root analyzes.

thumb sara muni apopka police officer arrested duiApopka Police Officer Arrested for DUI & Other Charges

The Orlando Police Department recently arrested an Apopka police offer for allegedly driving under the influence.  Allegedly she didn’t stop there. Criminal Defense Attorney, Caleb Robinson analyses her charges.

thumb - 17 yr old arrested 2nd degree murder17-Year-Old Charged with 2nd Degree Murder for the Death of De’Shayla Ferguson

Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrested a seventeen year old for second-degree murder of sixteen year old, De’Shayla Ferguson. He was also arrested for the killing of a unborn child because Ms. Ferguson was twenty weeks pregnant at the time of her death.

Zac Stacy Domestic Violence Charges in Orlando FLZac Stacy’s Domestic Violence Incident Broken Down

Domestic violence is more common across the United Stated than anyone would like to admit. It happens to regular people, it happens to artist, to athletes like former NFL player Zac Stacy, who a few days ago…


thumb Jalen Kitna UF quaterback arrested for child pornFlorida Gators’ Quaterback Arrested for Child Pornography

The Quarterback for the University of Florida Gators was arrested Wednesday for possession of Child pornography in Gainesville Florida, setting a new standard for the term “Florida Man.”


thumb arson polk countyShooting Investigation in Polk after a High Speed Chase 

On Sunday Nov 20, 2022 Luke Neely engaged in a high speed chase on I4 after police confronted him when they got called to a residence for arson. Criminal Defense Attorney Rose Hernandez breaks down the case and shares her opinion on the case.


marijuana pardon bidenWhat Does Joe Biden’s Marijuana Pardon Mean?

On Oct 6th, 2022 President Joe Biden announced a history making move on marijuana, by pardoning “simple possession of weed” offenses at the federal level. Here’s what the breakdown of what it means.

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