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Commentary on the current legal events happening across the state of Florida from our experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys. See what they have to say and break down some of the most recent criminal cases in the state.


thumbnail- child abuseWoman Arrested for Child Abuse After Shaving Girl’s Head, Shoving Metal Piece in her Mouth

On Aug 15th, 2022  a woman in Flagler County was arrested after being accused of shaving a child’s head, writing derogatory words on her face and shoving a metal bar in her mouth.


anthony diaz arrested 17 pounds of weedTexas Man Arrested for Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Sell After Failing to Move Over for Stopped Deputy

Attorney Luz Root gives her take on Anthony Diaz’s arrest for possession of cannabis after failing to follow the simple move over rule that’s strictly enforced in the state of Florida.

caleb robinson analyses dui manslaughter charge

Analysis: Brevard County Man Arrested for DUI Manslaughter

Attorney Caleb Robinson analyses the tragic crash that cause a man’s death due to another man driving under the influence.


thumb-teen-killedTeen Killed After Taking Turns At Shooting Each Other While Wearing Armored Vest

On April 10Th 2022  a 17 year old shot and killed a 16th year old while taking turns at shooting each other while wearing an armored vest. Criminal Defense Attorney Kortney Daly analyses the situation and comments on potential charges for the teen.


Zac Stacy Domestic Violence Charges in Orlando FLZac Stacy’s Domestic Violence Incident Broken Down

Domestic violence is more common across the United Stated than anyone would like to admit. It happens to regular people, it happens to artist, to athletes like former NFL player Zac Stacy, who a few days ago…


Jacinda Marie Decaro accused of murdering 4 year old daughter

Mother Arrested for Premeditated Homicide of Young Daughter

On January 10Th 2022 Judge Amy Carter signed a warrant for the arrest of Jacinda Marie Decaro who is accused of killing her young daughter by intentionally giving her a lethal does of Diphenhydramine, which is commonly referred to as Benadryl…

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