By Robert Zlatkin

People are often told in America, that if they work hard, invest correctly and spend wisely, they will live long and prosperous lives. However, some unsavory individuals seek to cheat the system, lying and cheating rather than working hard to amass in many case millions or even billions. This is what Jacksonville businessman Robert Hester, owner of Hestler Mediation and Valuation is accused of doing.

hestler accused embezzlement jacksonvilleHestler’s house of cards began to crumble from an incident unrelated to his embezzlement occurred. Hestler was inside his car near San Marco Train Tracks when it burst into flames. Hestler was in critical condition as was in a coma. After many of his clients who had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars began to wonder why they couldn’t access there money, the began to investigate. The investigation revealed that Hestler had been transferring this entrusted money into his own personal accounts without authorization. Other allegations followed and eventually it was revealed that over 7 million dollars was improperly handled.

Many of his client joined together to file a lawsuit against Hestler. Although there has been an investigation no criminal charges have been filed. Typically, in Florida, a charge of embezzlement would be filed under Florida 812.014 which codifies embezzlement. Hester may be charged at the state or federal level.

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