By Luz Root

Earlier this week Gany Djurabayev shot and killed Bekzod Nishonboev in Osceola County. Currently Djurabayev is custody with no bond. He supposedly shot his former friend over an argument that stemmed over $5,000 Nishonboev supposedly owed Djurabayev.

After Djurabayev shot Nishonboev he drove him to the hospital, but unfortunately Nishonboev died shortly due to his injuries. Sheriff Marco Lopez also mentioned Djurabayev admitted to shooting Nishonboev.osceola man shot and killed former friend

This is of course a very unfortunate situation for everyone involved, and a situation that could have been avoided. There are so many different alternatives to demanding back owed money, it is extremely sad to see two lives shuttered from a meaningless tragedy.

From a criminal defense standpoint, Djurabayev should have invoked the 5th Amendment right to remain silent until securing a criminal defense attorney. That said, since he admitted to shooting his former friend, we will have to wait for the evidence to see if it will show that he acted in self-defense; based on the admission another option would be to approach the case with mitigation and obtain a reasonable plea deal. Given the fact that he drove Nishonboev to the hospital himself shows remorse, and it shows he was trying to fix his wrongdoing. This could be a positive to be used in the defense, and as much as he shouldn’t have admitted to anything without an attorney present, it shows he took responsibility for his actions, which is also commendable and something that could be seen as positive by the prosecution.

There are of course many other details the defense could investigate that perhaps are not public knowledge yet, nonetheless, it is very likely for Mr. Djurabayev could be sentenced to some time behind bars, how long would depend on the defense strategy set forth by his defense attorney.

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