If you are facing federal criminal offenses in Florida, you must contact a qualified criminal defense lawyer immediately. Federal felonies carry with them extremely severe penalties, and prosecutors in federal courts, as well as federal investigators, have much more power and resources to convict you. Despite what any law officer has told you, choosing to remain silent until you have a criminal defense lawyer in Daytona Beach by your side is the best option to protect your future.

Federal Criminal Defense attorney Daytona Beach FL

Are federal crimes worse than other crimes?

In terms of consequences, yes, Florida federal crime convictions carry lengthy prison sentences, enormous fines, and criminal records that you may not be able to have sealed or expunged. Because federal crimes are so serious, federal investigations have a breadth of resources to help in their investigations, and federal prosecutors have vast amounts of experience in arguing for a conviction. 

With such a strong opposition, this means that any federal crimes you may be charged with will need an equally strong defense. By immediately contacting a criminal defense attorney in Daytona Beach to attain legal representation, you’re ensuring the safety of your future, freedom, and reputation.

What’s the difference between a state and a federal crime?

There are major differences between the way state and federal crimes are handled. First, state and federal criminal laws have geographic boundaries: state crimes cannot be charged outside of their respective states, but federal crimes can be charged to anyone who committed such a crime on American soil. This means that if you travel internationally to America and commit a federal crime, you can still be indicted if you return to your home country. 

State and Federal crimes also differ in terms of bond eligibility for release before trial, how long your trial will last, and more. However, one of the most critical differences is how these two types of criminal charges are investigated and charged. 

As mentioned previously, federal prosecutors and federal law enforcement have vast amounts of resources and skilled professionals to aid in their investigation. That also means that these investigations can span years or even decades before charging you with any crimes. In these cases, the breadth of evidence against you can seem insurmountable, but contacting a criminal defense attorney as soon as you know you’re being investigated is your best shot at beating these charges. 

Another major distinction between state and federal cases is that judges have a lot less leeway in terms of sentencing in federal court–it’s up to a jury of peers to convict you. The penalties that may be imposed are typically harsher as well, so having a persuasive, dedicated attorney at your side will be essential for a positive case outcome.

What crimes are federal crimes?

A federal crime is one that’s prohibited by the federal government, according to federal statutes. These crimes are not restricted by state or even national boundaries. Federal crimes are also called “white-collar crimes”. Some examples include:

The penalties for these crimes vary on a case-by-case basis, but will more often than not include lengthy jail sentences, large fines, and additional probation terms. When sentencing you for a federal crime, a federal court will adjust your penalties according to the following guidelines:

  • The seriousness of the offense 
  • Adjustments for specific offense characteristics, like if a firearm was involved in the crime
  • Further adjustments for general factors. Perhaps more than one victim was involved or the offender only aided and abetted the actual crime
  • Personal adjustment factors, like other convictions on top of the most serious ones.
  • Acceptance of responsibility at the judge’s discretion
  • The offender’s criminal history

The Court is allowed to deviate from the guidelines, but only when there is a unique or seriously aggravating factor in the case. If the court chooses to do so, the judge is required to explain in writing why they chose to deviate from the guidelines.

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