Award-Winning Criminal
Defense Firm Serving
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Award-Winning Criminal
Defense Firm Serving
Orlando And All Of
Central Florida

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Ken Eulo, Esq. Criminal Law & Civil Litigation - Orlando FL

Ken Eulo, Esq.

Criminal Law & Civil Litigation
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Darryl Smith Esq. - Criminal Law & Civil Litigation - Orlando FL

Darryl R. Smith, Esq.

Criminal Law & Civil Litigation
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Robert Zlatkin Esq. - Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation - Orlando, FL & Tampa, FL

Robert Zlatkin, Esq.

Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation
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Alexander J. Smith-Johnson Esq. - Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation - Orlando FL & Jacksonville FL

Alexander J. Smith-Johnson, Esq.

Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation
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Kortney Daly, Esq. - Smith & Eulo Law Firm: Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers

Kortney Daly, Esq.

Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation
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Great people, the best in the field. And affordable comparing to other law firm, They will take care of you from the moment you walk in their office till everything is done taking care of. Highly recommended. mr Robert

Cianna Lobos

Cianna Lobos

Great law firm. Help my brother with his legal matters. D. Smith work with his case and got him the help he needed. 100% recommended.

Jessica Rivera

Jessica Rivera

Highly recommended! Was referred and did better then expected. Very professional and confident with alot of success and experience. Honestly couldn’t think of a better lawyer to come across. Thank you Darryl!

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Questions About Criminal Defense Attorneys? We’ve Got Answers.

A Criminal Defense Attorney is an attorney who represents clients facing criminal charges. Criminal charges range from simple driving related misdemeanor offenses, such as DUIs, all the way to more serious felony cases, such as Burglary and Theft Charges. They advocate for their clients at each step of the process. This involves criminal representation at first appearances, arraignment, pretrial conference, and trial. Along the way your Attorney may file appropriate motions that he will present at a criminal court hearings.

You hire a criminal defense attorney because your life is on the line. Even the lowest criminal charges carry a potential for jail time, and carry the potential for a permanent adjudication of guilt on your record. When you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer, who is customer-reviewed and peer-reviewed, you have a qualified criminal representative who will fight for your liberty. The top criminal lawyers have a good understanding of what a good resolution for your case is, and will advocate strongly for the best possible outcome. When your life is on the line, it is critical to hire an experienced professional to help guide you through the process.

A criminal defense attorney is an advocate for their clients inside of a criminal courtroom. This involves negotiating with the prosecutor, filing motions, and taking cases to trial. The rules of criminal procedure are complicated, and require an extensive legal understanding of the applicable statutes and case law. A criminal defense lawyer analyzes the discovery in every case, making preliminary determinations of fact, and how the applicable law applies to the facts of your case. This will allow the attorney to file the appropriate motion in your case (e.g. Motion to Dismiss, Motion to Suppress, etc.). Ultimately, if a case is not resolved with a plea or a dismissal, a criminal defense lawyer will take your case to trial. This involves the attorney doing jury selection, opening statements, closing arguments, cross examination of witnesses, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no average cost. Costs can range from the minimal to the expensive depending on the charges you face and the given facts of your case. No reasonable defense attorney will quote you a set price without a more comprehensive look at the facts. Accordingly, it is critical that the Defense Attorney know as much information as they can at the beginning of a case, so that a fair and reasonable price can be relayed. Simple matters, such as motions for early termination on probation can be as low as $500 for an entire representation, where cases such as first-degree murder can be significantly more. The more involved a criminal representation becomes, the more costly it will become as well. If you have any question about the cost of your case, you should give us a call, and talk to a criminal attorney who can provide you with a free initial consultation to discuss the expected costs.

Recent Case Results

Here are some of the following good resolutions that the Smith & Eulo Law Firm has recently had:

not guilty burglary of a dwelling

Case #: 2019-CF-1594

Charges: Burglary of a Dwelling
Outcome: Not Guilty by Jury Trial (6/30/21)

aggravated battery with a deadly weapon case dismissed

Case #: 2021-CF-003713-A-O

Charges: Aggravated Battery w/ Deadly Weapon
Outcome: Case Dismissed (6/30/21)

Tips for Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Attorneys for Your Case

When hiring a criminal defense attorney, there’s no single rule for which attorney will be best for your case; these are merely things to weigh against each other. Here are our top 5 tips to for hiring a federal criminal attorney.

Tip #1 : Hire the right kind of attorney

Make sure your attorney has experience with similar cases and with courts in your area, this is why it is extremely important to hire a lawyer near you, whether it’s Orlando or Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, Ocala, Jacksonville, Tampa or Lakeland.

Tip #2: Check the attorney’s or firm’s background

Take a little time do some research online. See what other people have to say about them.

Tip # 3: Get a free consultation

This gives you a chance to see what their strategy may be and how they communicate.

Our law firm offers free consultations, call us today: 407-930-8912

Tip #4: Decide if you need a federal criminal defense attorney

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime, that will put you in a whole different court system with different law. You’ll want a lawyer who is experienced in federal crimes.

Tip #5: Listen to your gut

If you have a bad feeling about an attorney, if you feel like the attorney simply isn’t going to give you much attention, or if you just don’t like the person, then forget it.

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