Celebration, FL Criminal Defense Lawyer

With a name like Celebration, folks in this town can’t help but enjoy themselves. Between the conventions that roll through town and Disney World nearby, it’s a destination of non stop excitement. But the horseplay makes it much easier to get carried away, and you might just find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney.

Smith & Eulo Law Firm has defended individuals in Celebration, FL for years, with positive results. Hire qualified attorneys to represent you so one innocent mistake doesn’t impact your reputation and future.

Types of Cases in Celebration, FL

Celebration, Florida has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States at 64% lower than the national average, but mistakes do happen. While crime is low in the area, some of our cases include:

  • Robbery – A person who commits robbery takes property from another person by force or assault. Robbery is a crime of theft intended to permanently deprive someone of their belongings. Because it is a violent crime, robbery is classified as a felony in Celebration, FL and most jurisdictions.
  • Theft – A person who commits theft does so by taking an object that can easily be stolen (jewelry, money, electronics, etc.) without the owner’s permission. Individuals commit this act with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of their property, and can subsequently be charged with grand theft in Florida (for items valued over $300), a felony offense.
  • Murder – Murder is the deliberate, premeditated act of killing another person, punishable by 10 years to life in prison in Florida. It can be classied as felony murder, first degree murder or third degree murder. Celebration only had its first murder case in 2010, a first degree murder of a retired teacher.
  • Assault – Assault is a crime where a person inflicts physical harm or unwanted physical contact on another, or even the threat of doing so in some cases. It is usually combined with battery, a crime specifically related to bodily contact, and can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. Assault cases can include battery and aggravated assault (use of a weapon to cause harm).

Get Criminal Defense Help In Celebration, FL

No matter the reason, accident or intentional, the best thing to do when you’re accused of a crime in Celebration is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

Smith & Eulo Law Firm has defended residents and visitors of Celebration for several years, and we’ll do the same for you. If you’ve been accused of criminal charges in Celebration, FL, we’ll  develop the best defense strategy for your case.

We’re available 24/7 to work for you and to answer any question throughout the process. Trust Smith & Eulo Law Firm for the best criminal defense available.