Robbery is a felony offense that involves the act of intentionally taking another person’s property without their consent. There are multiple types of robbery. It can be a simple snatching, a robbery by force, or a robbery with a deadly weapon. This crime can be done by something small like pickpocketing or going to a bank with a gun and demanding money.

Florida Statute 812.13 – Robbery

(1) “Robbery” means the taking of money or other property which may be the subject of larceny from the person or custody of another, with intent to either permanently or temporarily deprive the person or the owner of the money or other property, when in the course of the taking there is the use of force, violence, assault, or putting in fear.

Types of robbery

Sudden Snatching: This is the lowest level of robbery. This is the simplest and least serious version of robbery. To commit sudden snatching the individual would have to steal someone else’s property without the use of force, violence or threat. Examples would be pickpocketing or purse snatching.

Robbery by force: Robbery by subsequent force is a more serious variety of robbery. This type of Robbery involves actual physical violence to effectuate the robbery. An example of robbery by force would be similar to sudden snatching. The only difference would be if the individual had harmed the victim. For example, the purse snatcher had pushed the woman down on the floor so she can grab her purse.

Robbery with a deadly weapon: This robbery would involve stealing another person’s property by using a deadly weapon or firearm. They would use the weapon to threaten the person or harm them. For example, an armed robber walks into a bank. The armed robber points the gun at the banker and demands money. Then, the cashier hands him the money. The armed robber runs out with the money.


Robbery is a felony offense and depending on the type of felony would determine the penalties. Sudden snatching is a third-degree felony. It’s punishable by up to 5 years in prison or 5 years on probation. Robbery with the use of force is a second-degree felony. It is punishable by up to 15 years in prison or 15 years of probation. Robbery with a deadly weapon is the most extreme robbery offense and is a first-degree felony offense. There is a possibility of a maximum 30-year prison sentence or a life sentence.

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