By Luz Root

Three Florida men were arrested for kidnapping a man and then holding him for ransom for failure to pay his $500 rent.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched in reference to a Kidnapping and Extortion. The caller reported that her boyfriend’s roommate used her boyfriend’s cell phone number to send her text messages demanding that she pay him $500.00 cash for her boyfriend’s rent, or he would kill him. One of the suspects then texted her a photograph of her boyfriend tied up inside the residence and bleeding.

3 orange county men arrested for kidnapping

One of the suspects spoke to detectives and provided incriminating information about the other men involved in this incident.  He stated that one of his “friends” beat the victim up and threatened the victim with a gun over $500 of supposed rent money. He also admitted that they called the victim’s girlfriend and tried to extort money from her for the victim’s safety.

The suspects were arrested, and the victim was transported to the ER.

Over $500, the three suspects are facing charges of:  Aggravated assault with a firearm, a third-degree felony; Aggravated battery, a second-degree felony; Extortion, a second-degree felony; and Kidnapping with a Weapon, a life felony.

The three suspects are held in the Orange County Jail with no bond. Just a reminder, this is not how you demand your roommates’ rent.

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