By Marie Taylor

“Road Rage Gone Wrong” 

Local ABC news reports that the driver of a white mini-van shot at a woman driving a red Mazda while both cars were driving in St. Pete at near 116th and 4th Ave in St. Petersburg, Florida. According to St. Petersburg police, the suspect is an Asian man between the ages of 30 and 40 with some grey in his hair. The woman driving the red Mazda was seriously injured by the gun-shot wound and the identity of the shooter is unknown.

road rage gone wrong in st petersburg fl

Accusations like this can present complex legal problems that should be addressed by an experienced criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. The shooter may have acted on impulse in a road rage type situation, or the shooting could have been organized or pre-planned. In Florida, the act of shooting a firearm into a vehicle is a felony that can be charged in a number of different ways, including murder or attempted murder. If someone is either involved in the incident as the shooter or a passenger in the car, that person can benefit early on from retaining a qualified attorney to preserve evidence or negotiate with the investigating prosecutor to show that the offense was not premeditated and should be charged in a less serious way.

When law enforcement has a vague description like “Asian man between the ages of 30 and 40”, sometimes multiples individuals can be interviewed and investigated without a strong legal basis. If you think you are being investigated for this offense, having an attorney at your side to invoke your right to remain silent or to provide certain details or an alibi on your behalf could be the key to fighting your case before you even get charged. It also could prevent the prosecution from having enough evidence to arrest you or charge you.

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