By Robert Zlatkin

We have all left our cars parked outside our house locked and thought, “what about the tires, are they safe.” However, has anyone thought “what about my catalytic converter, is anyone going to steal that tonight?” No, I can’t say that I ever have. Most people don’t even know what a catalytic converter is, and in case you are wondering, it’s an exhaust device that turns pollutants into harmless gases. Yet that is what Davislay Gonzalez is accused of doing outside an Extended Stay America in Doral Florida.

catalystic converter thief doral fl

According to police, “he was caught in the act.” Police and people often use that term, but what really is its legal importance. For the crime of Grand Theft, the crime Mr. Gonzalez is accused of, a prosecutor still must prove every element regardless. Most importantly, they must prove the element of intent.

Therefore, just seeing someone taking something out of a car “or catching him in the act” is not enough. A prosecutor must prove the requisite intent, that Mr. Gonzalez actually meant to deprive the owner of his or her own property.

That is why it is so important to hire a lawyer like the Attorneys at Smith and Eulo Law Firm. We are trained to question these statements that sound so sure like being “caught in the act.” If you or a loved one is being accused of a crime, even if the police, media or prosecution makes it seem like the evidence is overwhelming, call us immediately. We are here to help and trained to do so!

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