By Javier Chavez

“Justice was not served: AJ Owens family, attorneys disappointed by no murder charge” 

Ms. Susan Lorincz the 58 year old neighbor of AJ Owens was arrested for manslaughter after an investigation by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The elected Sheriff made a statement that Ms. Lorincz would be arrested for manslaughter for shooting through her door at AJ Owens.  

The prosecutor reviewed the case and found that Susan Lorincz was justified in shooting AJ Owens the mother of four. The family wanted the charges to be upgraded from manslaughter to Second degree murder. 

AJ Owens Family upset over no murder charge for Susan Lorincz

Just because you are arrested or charged by the police or the sheriff’s office is not the end of the story. The prosecutor’s office does have the authority to overrule the police officer’s decision. They can review the facts and decide to charge or not to charge you. If you or a loved one has been arrested getting advice from an Attorney can assist you before the prosecutor decides to charge you. It may be your best chance at getting the prosecutor not to charge you with a qualified lawyer. The Attorney’s at the Smith and Eulo Law Firm can assist you if you are ever arrested but not charged. The Attorney’s at the Smith and Eulo Law Firm can contact the prosecutor’s office and help them reach the right decision before the charges are filed.  

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