By Robert Zlatkin, Esq

Domestic violence is more common across the United Stated than anyone would like to admit. It happens to regular people, it happens to artist, to athletes like former NFL player Zac Stacy, who a few days ago got arrested at the Orlando International airport after being accused by his former girlfriend Kristin Evans of assaulting her a few days prior at her apartment in Oakland Florida. One has to say the videos released by Evans are quite graphic.Zac Stacy's Domestic Violence Incident in Orange County FL

Zac Stacy is facing a charge of Aggravated Battery and Criminal Mischief. These are the initial charges being brought in the arrest warrant issued in Oakland, Florida. However, a Prosecutor has the authority to file an information with additional charges added on. One charge a prosecutor may consider would be the charge of Assault. Assault is the use of threats or fear to instill in someone the fear of an imminent attack. This charge can be added in addition to any battery charge.

Stacy’s bond was set at $10,150; some may argue it was set too low for someone of his caliber, an ex-NFL player… it’s been known some judges across the country try to make an example out of famous people, however, Judges should always seek to uphold the law and never allow political or other interests interfere with their decision. This includes setting a bond. Nonetheless, a bond should be set at an amount that insures a defendant’s continued presence at court appearances. For a man with Stacy’s net worth, the judge might have considered a higher bond amount to secure his presence.

It is also important to note on the video posted by Evan, one can clearly see their 5-month-old baby was on the couch at the time of the incident. If confirmed, there could additional child abuse charges by the prosecutor, in response to exposing the child to such horrendous act of violence towards his mother. The crime of child abuse in the state of Florida includes the intentional infliction of both physical and mental abuse. Although, there is no evidence of physical abuse, there is certainly an argument that subjecting his child to view this type of crime would constitute mental abuse.

Stacy left the state of Florida following the incident, that said, it is unlikely that any additional charges would be brought for leaving the state of Florida especially without any proof that he had notice of a warrant and was intentionally avoiding it, as a matter of fact, once he learned about the warrant for his arrest, he returned to Florida with the intention of turning himself in. However, this certainly may play a role in any plea negotiations that may take place in the case.

On Nov 24/21’s hearing Evans was able to testify in front of Judge Blechman, she was very direct about fearing for her life and the lives of her children, and although her request to modify Stacy’s bond was denied, the judge did change a condition. Zac Stacy will not be allowed to come back into the state of Florida, unless it is for a court appearance. Stacy is currently staying with his family in Alabama.

Despite the modification on the condition of the bond, It is difficult to predict any sentence based on an established bond condition. The judge more than likely imposed this condition to avoid any possibility of contact between Mr. Stacy and the Victim. In addition, Judge Blechman is only the judge for the initial appearance, so her impressions won’t play a role in any punishment, if any since he is innocent until proven guilty.