By Matt Futch

An abandoned building went up in flames on February 8, 2024, and law enforcement officers are looking for help in identifying a man they believe was involved.  Arson investigations are very complex and while local law enforcement may be the ones completing reports and following up on leads, the investigation is often run by a Detective with the Bureau of Fire, Arson and Explosives Investigations.  The Bureau of Fire, Arson and Explosives Investigations has a very advanced and sophisticated laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida where they can run tests to find fire accelerants (also called ignitable liquids) on clothing, debris, etc.  The lab can determine whether an accelerant is or is not present on an accused personal belongings or debris with great precision.

arson in orlando's abandoned building looking for suspect

However, the forensic analysts and law enforcement are not immune to mistakes and that is why any person of interest should always invoke their right to remain silent and retain an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately upon believing they are the subject of a criminal investigation.   Often, law enforcement agencies do not perform thorough investigations once they begin to focus on a potential suspect and an experienced criminal defense attorney can properly evaluate all the evidence in your case to formulate the best defense strategies, file appropriate motions and fight to protect your rights.

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