By Kortney Daly

Mr. Jose Chaidez is accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend. He was on the run for a couple of days prior to his arrest. he is accused of attempted second degree murder, armed burglary with a battery, criminal mischief, and stalking. A person is probably wondering what they do if they know there is an outstanding warrant for their arrest.

man arrested for attacking ex-girlfriend in polk county

Every attorney is ethically obligated to advise you to turn yourself in. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when doing so. You should try to find out what the charges are and retain an attorney if possible. If you are not able to afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you during your first court appearance within 24 hours of your arrest. Having an attorney ahead of time can be helpful because they can help you determine the charges and help you best prepare for the situation ahead. If the offense is not punishable by life and eligible for a bond, you should try to find out the amount of the bond and contact a bondsman. In many instances, the bondsmen will take your bond money prior to you turning yourself in and help begin the process of your release immediately as you go into custody.

If an offense that you are accused of is punishable by life like Mr. Chaidez,  you are not entitled to a bon. It could be several weeks or months before you are released. If someone knows they are facing an offense of that nature, they should secure a family member or trusted friend to help watch over their affairs while they are in custody. You are not entitled to a bond for a punishable by life offense, however, one can attempt to attain one under certain circumstances. It is best to expect that you are going to be stuck in custody when facing offense like that, and make sure there is a trusted person to care for your affairs while you are in custody.

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