By Marie Taylor

According to the Tampa Bay times, a Tampa man was arrested on fraud charges alleging that he stole nearly $450,000 by using stolen identities or fraudulent names during visits to 36 Pinellas County banks. Fraud charges include organized scheme to defraud and fraudulent use of personal identification information. Financial crimes such as what is alleged here are often highly technical. Organized scheme to defraud requires a significant evidentiary showing by the Prosecution and law enforcement. An experienced defense attorney, well versed in the rules of evidence, will be able to exploit certain holes in the state’s case.

scheme to defraud - pinellas county man arrested $450,000 stolen

The Prosecution would be responsible for showing, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Defendant used a “systematic, ongoing course of conduct”. Law enforcement may have assumed that the man they are arrested is responsible for carrying out a large-scale scheme at different locations, but the evidence may actually reveal insiders from the banks assisting and gaining profits from the conduct.  In a case like this, attorneys with Smith & Eulo would look deeper than what first meets the eye and build a defense through independent investigation to reveal other actors or participants who created such a scheme from the inside out. 

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