By Marie Taylor

Earlier this week a physician from Lake Wales was arrested and charged with video voyeurism. The allegations are that the Doctor of Physical Therapy was secretly video recording his patients in his office changing room. Reporters also reference another allegation that the Dr. had asked a juvenile patient to undress and change into a gown prior to treatment. The juvenile patient also appears to have discovered a hidden ring camera with the blue recording light.

Lake Wales physician accused of voyeurism of minor

Given what we know, there are quite a few defense approaches that could be used in this situation like challenging the evidence presented by the prosecution side, looking for any flaws or inconsistencies. Questioning the intent, one could argue that the recordings (if they exist) were made accidentally, or for legitimate purposes unrelated to voyeurism. One could also argue that the patients involved had no reasonable expectation of privacy in the areas where the recordings were allegedly made. Lastly, depending on the strength of the evidence against the physician, looking for a plea deal could be something to consider.

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