By Luz Root

On February 12, 2024, Ricardo Bell was arrested and is facing multiple charges, including Fleeing and Eluding and Drug Possession.

According to the police report, when the officers attempted to approach the Porsche, the driver reversed into the police vehicle parked behind it and made a U-turn, striking a tree and driving through someone’s front yard.

ricardo bell arrested after fleeing in porsche then crashing

 The Porsche then sped down the street and knocked off a fence and a shed, before coming to a stop. The Driver allegedly exited the vehicle and attempted to run away but was arrested shortly after. The Porsche’s passenger was also arrested.

 A search of the vehicle revealed possession of methamphetamine, oxycodone pills, and marihuana.

 To prove the Feeling and Eluding charge, the State must show that it was willful and the driver had knowledge that law enforcement intended to conduct a traffic stop. To prove the drug charges, the State must prove that the drugs were, in fact, controlled substances, that the defendant knew it was a controlled substance, and that the substance was under the defendant’s control.

In this case at issue, since both the driver and the passenger were arrested, it is important to know where in the vehicle were the drugs found and who had control of the substances.

 The State’s burden is to prove each element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt, and having an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side will ensure that nothing is overlooked when it comes to defending you and your constitutional rights.

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