Drug Trafficking Lawyer in Orlando

Fighting a drug trafficking charge can be a daunting experience for the Defendant going through everything. There are minimum mandatory sentences attached to Drug Trafficking charges, high bond amounts that often require a person to mortgage their home to even get the person out of jail, and various holds that prevent the person from bonding out such as a Nebbia hold.

Drug Trafficking Lawyer In Florida

Things you should know going into your Drug Trafficking Case:

  • Nebbia Hold:

    • Most likely a Nebbia Hold will be placed against you. A Nebbia hold is essentially a hold that prevents you from bonding out until a hearing is held. The hearing asks the Defendant to prove that the money paid to bond out has come from lawful places. Moreover, the Court simply wants to make sure you aren’t spending drug trafficking money to get out of jail.
  • High Bond Amounts:

    • The Bond Schedule Calls for incredibly high bond amounts often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. When the Bond Agent bonds you out on these types of bonds, they will ask for 10% of the total bond plus some assurance if you skip town. For example, they may ask you to put your house up as collateral, or an expensive vehicle. Before doing this talk to your drug trafficking lawyer and ask them how to get the bond reduced. Bond motions are often successful in getting these bond motions dropped dramatically.
  • Minimum Mandatory Sentences:

    • Discussion regarding a minimum mandatory sentence is best had with your drug trafficking lawyer. Your lawyer can help you understand what the state must prove and how to get your case resolved below the guidelines. Hiring an experienced lawyer is incredibly important because a drug trafficking charge is incredibly serious and nuanced. Examples of things that often need to be done, include: weighing the alleged drugs, analyzing the drug to make sure all of the drug is actually the alleged trafficking drug and not a mixture of something else, and plea negotiations with the state.

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