Do It Yourself Expungement Florida

The expungement Florida law is governed by statute. The statutes contain detailed requirements, rules, procedures, and exceptions that a person must navigate during the sealing or expungement process. If you are interested in sealing or expunging your record yourself; it is useful to know the most common reasons for denial, and how to do it yourself expungement Florida!

Do it yourself expungement in Orlando

Before you begin the process of having your record sealed or expunged, know the crimes that cannot be expunged.

  • Arson
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Child Abuse
  • Kidnapping
  • Homicide
  • Manslaughter
  • Sexual Battery
  • Carjacking
  • Robbery
  • Burglary of A Dwelling
  • Home-Invasion Robbery
  • Stalking
  • Sex Crimes Against Children

How To Do It Yourself Expungement Florida Works?

What matters under the record sealing statute is the final charge that you pled guilty or no contest to, and not the arrest charge. For example, the police may apprehend you for armed robbery (a prohibited offense); but receive a withhold adjudication for grand theft (not a prohibited offense). A particularly tricky area of the law can be domestic violence.

Sometimes an arrest report will say “domestic” battery, but it’s not (e.g., because while boyfriend and girlfriend, the parties don’t live together).

If the FDLE is wrong in its denial, you can appeal. File a Petition to Review Florida Department of Law Enforcement Denial of Application for Certificate of Eligibility to Seal with the trial court in your jurisdiction. Then, call the FDLE lawyer to discuss.

DUI convictions are a huge source of income for local governments, & there may be pressure to increase revenue by making more arrests. In addition, political lobbying groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving have a vested interest in keeping DUI arrests high.

Bonus Tip – DUI

Armed with the proper information, almost anyone can learn how to beat a DUI charge or significantly limit the impact it has on their life! This includes trying to reduce probation, fines, and charges that could save thousands on high-risk automobile insurance & keeping a DUI off your record. If you represent yourself in court, be sure to do your homework!

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