Florida is known for its fun culture. However, it takes driving seriously. You can be behind the bars anytime without a valid driver’s license. Section 322.03 of the Florida Statutes covers the regulations related to the driving license and penalties. If you are driving in Florida without a driver’s license, it is important to go through this section to avoid any legal complexity.

What will happen if you drive without a driver’s license in Florida?

Driving without a license in Florida? Bad idea. You might not think it is a serious offense, but any exception will lead to fines, penalties, and possible jail term.  A conviction for driving without a license in Florida can send you to jail. Under Section 322, 03, it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle on the highway of Florida State without a valid driver’s license.

Is driving without a license in Florida a criminal offense?

Yes, driving without a valid license is a criminal offense in Florida. You can be stopped in the following three conditions.

When your license is not in your possession

This is a rare condition. However, driving while not having your valid Florida license on you can get you in trouble even if you have a valid license. You need a license to show whenever you are stopped by the police. Remember, you could be subjected to criminal or civil penalties for not having a valid license at the time of the incident.

You do not have a valid driver’s license at all

The same is applicable when your license has expired or you have not renewed it. According to Section 322.03, a person cannot drive a motor vehicle unless he/she has a valid license. If the driver’s license is expired, you might be subject to a criminal offense or civil fine. If you do not have a valid license at all, you can face legal complications.

Your license is not valid anymore

In some cases, your license can be canceled, revoked, or suspended by the concerned authorities due to a bad driving record and some other reasons. If you’re driving with a suspended license in Florida, you can be punished as a misdemeanor. If it is a third offense or more, it can be treated as a felony.

Who can drive a vehicle without a driving license in Florida?

Though a driver’s license is the first and foremost requirement to drive a motor vehicle in Florida, still, you can still be exempted under the following circumstances.

  • If you are an employee of the United States Government and you are operating a non-commercial vehicle leased and owned by the government of the United States for official business.
  • You do not need a valid driving license while operating and driving a farm tractor, road machine, or husbandry temporarily operated or moved vehicles on a highway.
  • A driving license will not be required while operating a golf cart in accordance with the 320.01. In this condition, you need to follow the provisions of s. 316.212.
  • You can also be exempted when you are a nonresident and you are at least sixteen years of age with an immediate procession of a valid non-commercial driver’s license issued by your home state or country. With this license, you can drive a motor vehicle with a Class E driver’s license.
  • You can also drive a motor vehicle without a license when you are a nonresident and 18 and above with an immediate procession of the valid non-commercial driver’s license issued by your home state and country. With this license, you can operate a noncommercial motor vehicle. You cannot drive commercial vehicles.
  • You will not need a valid driving license when you are working under a contract with the government. Also, you can drive non-commercial vehicles on public roads for sixty days while being on duty for a temporary period in this state. In this condition, you will need a valid driver’s license in your own state.

What is the difference between a valid driver’s license and a suspended license?

No Valid driver’s license and a suspended license are different. A no-valid license does not demand any proof. The offenders would not have to show any paper to prove that they do not carry any license. They will take charge on the grounds of no valid license. But if you have a suspended license, the implications will be different. The offense is less serious if you are doing it for the first time. If you become a habitual traffic offender, then you can expect license cancellation for five years. This harsh consequence will not be applicable to non-valid license holders. However, no valid offenders will have a criminal record. It can have a negative impact on insurance premiums, college applications, jobs, and other aspects of their life.

What to do when you have an out-of-state license?

Florida is one of the key tourist attractions for the people of America as well as the globe. It has many beautiful beaches and attractions that you would like to enjoy. However, the driver’s license will be a problem. Once you have moved to Florida, you can get a driving license within thirty days. Vehicle registration will only take ten days. In addition, you can convert your valid out-of-state license into a valid driver’s license in Florida. You do not need to qualify for any test to get a valid driver’s license. All you need is proof of registration, proof of identification, verification of a physical inspection, out-of-state title, and proof of an insurance company registered in the State of Florida.

Driving Without a License in Florida

What should you do in the absence of a valid driver’s license?

If you do not have a valid driver’s license or your license is expired, it is better to get the license first before driving your vehicle on public roads. It will not take a long to get a Florida Drivers License when you have all the required documents. You can simply do online research to know more about the requirements. Once you have a driver’s license, you can drive your vehicle safely and more confidently. If the license is canceled for a particular period of time, then you should wait till that period to avoid further complications. In brief, you should stop driving until you have a valid driver’s license to drive on the roads of Florida.

When you drive without a valid license, you will likely get criminal offense charges. The penalty will increase with subsequent violations and you can face possible license suspensions.

How to deal with this arrest while driving without a valid license

Once you have received the ticket, you have no other way to go. You will have to face the criminal charges and appear at the court. The punishment will vary depending on the license and time of offense. If you are a repeat offender, you should prepare for harsh consequences. You can also take the help of an attorney to understand the legalities and to present your case in a favorable manner. This is important if you have involvement with multiple offenses. An attorney is very experienced, understands the legal complications, and may be able to prevent your charges from becoming a conviction. In fact, they might be able to minimize the punishment and in some cases, even get charges dismissed.

How to get an experienced attorney in Florida

You will find many law firms with experienced attorneys. You can visit their websites and feedback to know their success record and experience to find a suitable option for your case. Many of them also offer a free and hassle-free consultation. If you are looking for such a defense attorney, call Smith & Eulo Law Firm in Orlando, Florida. The attorneys at Smith & Eulo have extensive experience in dealing with similar kinds of charges. They can help you to keep your record clean and to walk away from all the charges including driving without a license. Just imagine what will happen if you find yourself in the jail. It will affect both your personal and professional life. You will find it hard to get a suitable job, even insurance.

Why should you hire Smith & Eulo?

Smith & Eulo firm was founded with the objective of helping people fight their legal battles with a well-informed mind. Legal complications are not considered good by any regardless of the type of charges. Even if you are charged on a no valid driver’s license, you will have a criminal record. When you repeat it, you might get a jail term and a fine. It is not about spending time in jail or giving an amount for the fine. It will affect your life. Moreover, if you want to hire an attorney, you need to spend a decent amount. You will not experience this problem while hiring an attorney from Smith & Eulo. They offer experienced legal representation at lower prices. The consultation will be obligation-free.

Their attorneys are thoroughly experienced. They have dealt with around a thousand cases. They understand both the positive and negative aspects. In addition, they will utilize their experience to bring the decision in your favor. You cannot do it without legal knowledge and experience.

It does not matter how severe your situation is, they will have a solution for you. Even if you are charged as a habituated traffic offender, they will fight on your behalf and will help to preserve your rights. It might seem more confusing and severe, but you should not give up. A criminal charge does not mean that you are guilty and you need to live with a criminal record for the rest of your life. You can get the help of Smith & Eulo to protect your dignity and to fight your case from the beginning to the end.

How can they help to bring a decision in your favor?

Hiring an experienced attorney is the first step to success. They will try their best to dismiss the case. When it is not possible, they will try for the minimum punishment. They understand the difference between a maximum and minimum sentence. They can make you comfortable during the proceedings. Their guidance will prepare your mind to face the situation with confidence and diligence.

They understand the legal proceedings. They know what you are going to face and how the juries are going to behave. And also they will prepare you accordingly. They are the best people to deal with legal complications.

An arrest does not mean that you are going to jail or paying a fine. It is just the beginning of a legal proceeding. If you do not mentally prepare yourself to fight this battle, then you might not be able to fight successfully. In fact, you cannot fight without knowing your legal rights. Here, the attorneys of Smith & Eulo come in to offer a solution for this condition.

After your arrest, your Orlando criminal defense attorney will present your case on your behalf. He/she will go through your case thoroughly to know how to present it in a positive way to bring the decision in your favor. You can contact them to know more about the charges for driving without a valid license in Florida. A free consultation can help you to know your position in this battle.

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